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flick finger and thumb retracts, UMN sign, sign of spinal cord compression, 'finger flexor reflex', equiv of Babinski in upper limb
Hoffman's reflex
neck extended, rotation, and laterally flexed. Pain indicates radiculopathy
Spurling sign
pain of pseudoclaudication relieved when patient leans forward and puts foot up
Phalen's test for spinal stenosis
hold out arm, let go, arm will fall
drop test for supraspinatus injury
thumb down? PAIN. Thumb up? no pain
impingement test of biceps tendon on acromion
dislocation of radial head, reduce with over pronation
nurse maids elbow
medial epicondyle tenderness
golfers elbow
lateral epicondyle tenderness
tennis elbow
pain in wrist from moving thumb, treat with steroid injections
DeQuervain's tenosynovitis
percuss over median nuerve at carpal tunnel causing tingling
Tinel's sign
back of hands pressed together, pain indicates carpal tunnel injury
Phanel's sign
heavy adolescent male, treat with surgery
slipped capital femoral epiphyses
preadolescent white male, osteonecrosis of capital femoral epiphyses, nonoperative treatment
Legg Calve Perthes dz
bursitis in hip joint presents as...?
pain in hip joint itself presents as...?
piriformis syndrome presents as...?
Lateral hip pain
Anterior hip pain
Posterior hip pain
compression of sciatic nerve, pain goes down back of leg and stops at knee, treat by sitting on a tennis ball
piriformis syndrome
test of SI joint pathology, flexion, abduction, external rotation
Faber test
common in adolescent male, tubercle pain in tibia (knee)
Osgood Schlatter dz
runners knee
Patellofemoral syndrome
cartilage degeneration
Chondromalacia patella
test ACL, thumbs on either side of patella and pull from behind
Lachman test
ant: to test ACL, pull tibia anteriorly
post: to test PCL, push tibia posteriorly
Drawer test
test for pain in MCL, abduct tibia on femur
Valgus stress test
test for pain in LCL, adduct tibia on femur
Varus stress test
test checking for click or clunk of knee, snap or pain suggests torn medial meniscus
McMurray test
heel spur
plantar fasciitis
paresthesia between toes
pain with minimal damage to ligament
grade 1 sprain
more damage to ligament, mild joint looseness
grade 2 sprain
ligament completely torn, joint very loose
grade 3 sprain