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A locked cart of medication and other medical equipment designed for emergency use only.
Code Cart
A standard medication order for patients to receive a certain drug at scheduled intervals is known as what?
Standing order
A psychiatric hospital is an example of what type of facility?
_________is a pharmacy attached to a hospital serving patients who have left the hospital.
Outpatient Pharmacy
A liquid nutritional supplement is administered directly to the gastrointestinal tract through feeding tube.
Enteral Nutritional Foundation
A national, non-profit organization, dedicated to supporting, convening, and advancing efforts of local, state, and federal public health agencies and systems to promote and protect the health of people living within their respective jurisdictions.
Public Health Foundation
Which of the following drugs is NOT used to treat malaria?
A. Caffeine
B. Fluorine
D. Morphine
A state of equilibrium is:
Who makes up the medical staff? Choose all that apply.
Physicians, Psychologists, Dentists, Podiatrists
Which of the following is used to treat syphilis
What was the first antibiotic used in therapy?
What percentage of all home pharmaceutical care is infusion therapy?
What was the name of Cosmas, a physician in 303AD, brother who practiced pharmacy in 303AD?
DME equipment must be tracked and logged in compliance with SMDA of what year?
A non-profit facility exist to serve the community in which they are located and are normally run by:
Board of Directors