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Better understanding of brain chemistry makes it possible to create drugs that change the nature of who we are

-ex. designer drugs, prozac
designer personalities
behavioral genomics studies
the effect genes have on a persons personality.

Genetics affect some aspects of personality directly
e.g., activity level, inhibition

Genetics affect some aspects of personality indirectly
e.g., physical appearance which influences how we are treated
Using multiple perspectives in combination allows for greater insight into the human experience

Different ideas are useful for different purposes
An unconscious aspect of personality
Ego Forces, that provide a sense of identity
Neo-analytical perspective
Biological components including genetics, physical and physiological makeup
Biological perspective
Conditioned or shaped aspects of our personality
Behaviorist perspective
Cognitive dimensions, or thinking about and actively interpreting the world around oneself
Cognitive perspective
A collection of traits, skills, and predispositions
Trait perspective
A spiritual dimension, which prompts a person to ponder the meaning of her/his existence, seeking happiness and fulfillment
Ongoing interaction between the person and her/his specific environment
Interactionist perspective