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The psychoanalytic view of death?
Thanatos: drive towards death and self-destructive behavior. Most people repress this or use other defense mechanisms to rid themselves of this drive
psychoanalytic explanation of love
Arises from sexual instincts.
First love is the Mother – oral stage
Genital stage – sexual partner is responsible for sexual satisfaction
Jung believed hate sprang from...
The shadow- primitive animal instincts.
Where did Adler believe hate originated?
Early rejection, especially rejection from one's parents.

These individuals then overcompensate and from a superiority complex from their inferiority.
When did Horney believe hate began?
Again, in children do not feel safe their expereinces lead them to question their safety.
When did Erikson believe Hate originated?
Erikson believed hate originated from unresolved conflict in one of his three stages...

When did Erikson believe love was formed?
In those individuals who succesfully pass the stage of INTIMACY
Which theorist proposed the following:

The nature of one’s childhood attachment relationship is reflected to some extent in later romantic relationships
Phillip Shaver
What three romantic attachment styles did he outline as part of his theory (SHAVER)?
Secure lovers

Avoidant lovers- cant be trusted or dont trust others.

Anxious-ambivalent- scared to approach and seem desperate
When did maslow say love can be achieved?
After all physiological and safety needs have been met.
What are the two types of love Maslow proposed?
B-love (being love)- unconditional love, lovers are more self-actualized and help eachother toward self-actualization.

D-love (deficiency love)- lovers which are selfish and needy.
Erichh Fromme's types of love
Motherly love- one-sided

Brotherly love- loving all others

erotic love

mature love- brotherly and self love
Ericch fromme also believed...
Sexual satisfaction follows true love
According to Rollo May what is

-Agape love
-Authentic love
-Agape-devotion to the welfare of others

-authentic love- incorporates all other types of love.
How does biological theory explain hate?
Aggression is the product of adaptive evolutionary processes.
Hatred is innate because it is adaptive in the evolution of humans

PET scans have shown evidence for abnormalities of brain structures involving lesions on or near the hypothalamus or amygdala in people with intense hatred or fits of rage.
What is the biological theory of love?
Emotional commitment between sexual partners has adaptive value because it bolsters monogamy, helping to ensure that the female will not mate with others (and thus, allowing the male to know that the child is his). For the female, love ensures that the male will stick around, providing resources until the child is grown.
What was Rogers' explanation of hate?
Fears and doubts about ourselves are at the root of immaturity and hate

Parents who place conditions on their positive regard lead to anxiety in children.

Negative emotions stem from a lack of positive regard.
George Kelly and hate?
Adjusted individuals- change their concept of hate in evidence shows them to be incorrect.

Maladjusted individuals constrain PEPOLE to fit there construal.