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Comparable Worth
Gender equity- pay disparaties existing between occupations dominated by women and men
Traditional pay system
based on position classification, seniority, membership- usually have multiple step salary ranges
Vroom's expectancy theory- those that expect a valued reward will strive for high performance more than those with no reward.
mandated benefits
those benefits mandated by government policy- Social security, unemployment compensation, worker's comp, family and medical leave act.
Individual merit pay
Pay tied to individual performance
Employee competition
supporters feel incentives create constructive competetion between employees. some feel it creates win-lose situations and is unfair.
discretionary benefits
Those offered at the employer's discretion. health care,retirement, educational reimbursement, training programs etc.
group merit pay
An incentive program or pay for performance that is tied to group performance. gainsharing and goalsharing.
Employee Motivation
supporters feel that incentives motivate employees by satisfying needs. Detractors feel they lower self esteem.
Supervisory leverage
a strong argument of merit pay supporters that gives supervisors control over employees by having them decide who gets merit pay.
FLSA- fair labor standards act
Regulates wages and hours. controls minimum wage and maximum hour provisions of law. administered by the DOL dept of labor.
Pickering V. Board
Free Speech- public school teacher could not be fired for speaking out on a matter of public interest.
Procedural due process
based on 5th and 14th ammendments protection of life, liberty, and property. require a hearing before action can be taken
Rehabilitation Act 1973
prohibits discrimination against those with disabilities by fed govt. contractors or those recieving fed aid.
Family Medical Leave Act 1993
unpaid leave (12 weeks) for private and public employees to care for illnesses them or family members.