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What's the command to load an assembly in PowerShell if it is located in the GAC.
What's the command to load an assembly in PowerShell at an arbitrary location?
How do you express bool values in PowerShell
$true and $false
How do you express null in PowerShell
How do you declare parameters for a .ps1 script
Put the following as the first line of the file:

param($param1, $param2)

param([string] $rootpath, [string] $playlistpath)
How do you access an envionment variable in PowerShell?
How do you make a script parameter a required parameter?
Assign the default value of the parameter to $(throw "message to display")

e.g. param([string] $playlistpath=$(throw "Specify the path of a .asx playlist"))
What's the escape character within a string?
The back tick: `
How do you expand a variable within a string?
Within double quoted string, they're already expanded.

Within single quoted string, wrap it's usage in $()
Example: 'The value of the variable is $($somevariable)'
How do you perform string formatting?
With the -f switch.
Example "The value of some variable is {0}" -f $somevariable