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What were the four reasons why Joseph Smith abjected abolitionists?
1.) Freed slaves would ruin law and order of society
2.)"Men of piety" in South did not object
3.)North has not right to tell the South what to do
4.)Curse of Caanan
What were the three conclusions of Lincolns 2nd Innagural adress?
1.)The Civil War is God’s War
2.)Result of the Nation’s sin
3.)Working together in unity and love necessary to rebuild the Nation
What did Ronald C. White, Jr. say about Lincolns adress?
“Lincoln offered his sermon as the prism through which he himself strained to see the light of God. The refractions from that prism point to judgment and hope.”
What did Philip Schaff say about Lincolns adress?
“I do not believe that any royal, princely, or republican state document of recent times can be compared to this inaugural address for genuine Christian wisdom and gentleness.”
What did Leo Tolstoy say about Lincolns adress?
“[Lincoln was] a Christ in miniature, bigger than his country – bigger than all the Presidents put together. Why? Because he loved his enemies as himself.”
The 2nd party system kept slavery in check with which issues?
-Internal improvements