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What does the relationship of the difference in the volume of the cylinder between TDC and BDC determine?
compression ratio
The amount of air that actually enters the cylinder as to how much could have theoretically entered is called what?
volumetric efficiency
What is the result of force causing movement?`
A means of measuring work over a period of time
What is the cetane rating of diesel fuel?
the fuels ignition quality
Bearings which use balls or rollers to decrease friction
anti-friction bearings
the resistance to motion produced when two objects rub against each other.
regulates the level of fuel in the bowl
float circuit
meters the fuel for idle conditions
idle circuit
meters the fuel for part throttle operation
intermediate circuit
utilizes the venturi and performs fuel metering at highway speeds
high speed circuit
used when passing or a heavy load is placed on the engine
high speed-full power circuit
adds raw fuel on start up and acceleration off idle to smooth the transition
accelerator pump circuit
will activate all the circuits for start up using a vacuum
choke circuit