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Underdeveloped Countries
Disorganization of international priorities
• Underdeveloped countries such as Mexico has a 40% unemployment rate which is crucifying the economy
• This leads to why their national debt is $191 billion which is very doubtful to ever be repaid
• Most people would say that developed countries such as America should come to the aid of underdeveloped countries such as Mexico, being that we are a “superpower nation”
• However, America is not doing so well in the economy department
Poverty in the U.S
o Poverty is a tragedy that has not only hit hard in foreign countries, but in developed countries such as the U.S as well
o Poverty in the U.S over the years has escalated to 11.7% and the average home income has declined by 2.2% to $42K
Effects on America due to Poverty
• With our economy steadily dropping over the past century, budgets are being cut from welfare and Medicare to go towards trying to build the economy up
• This means that in the near future, there are going to be more malnourished, hungry children in our country
Governments role in poverty
o It is not only our executive branch that has turned away from helping the American poverty, but legislative as well
o Legislature has turned down federal money for children’s health insurance, leaving almost 170,000 children uninsured
What the governmet is really focusing on
• This does not compare to the bundles of tax money that the federal government is spending on missels and other forms of defense,
• Due to the war on terror, national defense budgets have escalated so greatly, that budgets such as the ones that help Americans below the poverty lines are being cut like meat in a barbeque
Why we shouldn't give financial assistance internationally
o Poverty, as stated before is an inhumane tragedy that has affected the whole world. All of us have seen these pictures of children in poverty in underdeveloped countries such as Africa, China, Mexico, and Iraq. However, if we care to not see our young country of America fall in their footsteps, affirmative action needs to take place to keep our country financially independent