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What is the primary b lymphocyte organ?
bursa of fabricius
When does a domestic hen reach maturity?
20-22 weeks
Where does fertilization occur?
Where is the majority of the albumin produced?
where are the inner and outer shell membranes produced?
The uterus is also known as what?
shell gland
Where are the testes located?
at the cranial pole of the kidneys
How long does it take from ovulation to egg production?
24-48 hrs
What is avian influenza caused by?
Avian influenza is also known as what?
fowl plague
This disease has hemorrhage and edema of the head.
What causes Newcastle disease?
What are the most susceptible poultry species for ND?
Which is the most serious form of ND?
What can ND cause in humans?
What causes infectious laryngotracheitis?
What are the primary hosts for ILT?
What are the lesions for highly pathogenic ILT?
diptheretic membranes in the trachea
What causes infectious bronchitis?
What are the lesions seen in IB?
pale swollen kidneys

air sacculitis

fluid yolk material in abdominal cavity
What causes fowl cholera?
pasteurella multocida
Which poultry species are more effected from fowl cholera?
What age of turkeys are most effected?
10-13 weeks
Chronic fowl cholera usually displays what?
swollen areas all over with purulent discharge
Acute form of fowl cholera can have a liver appearance described as what?
corn meal liver
How is M. gallisepticum transmitted?
vertical and lateral
What clinical sign is associated with M. gallisepticum?
bubble eye
What is the most common lesion in turkeys with M. gallisepticum?
catarrhal sinusitis
What causes infectious Coryza?
Haemophilus paragallinarum
What is required to culture H. paragallinarum?
What causes turkey coryza?
bordetella avium
What is the main clinical sign of turkey coryza?
abrubt onset of snicking
What causes chlamydiosis?
chlamydophila psittaci
What is a main clinical sign of chlamydiosis?
yellow-green diarrhea
Pulmonary aspergillosis mainly occurs in what?
poults and chicks