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What is vit A needed for
proper maturation and diff of epitheliaal cells
What histopath can be seen with vit a difficiency
squamous metaplasia of epithelium
what are the clinical signs of vit a dif
poor growth, weakness dry eye,

adults: serous occulonasal discharge
blood spots on eggs
What are the lesions seen with vit a dif
first seen in pharynx

raised pustule like white plaques
what are the clinical signs for vit d dif
young- stiff-legged gait and poor plumage

adults- thin soft shelled eggs
temp loss of leg use
soft beaks claws aand keel
marked decrease in hatchability
with what disease do you seee epiphyseal enlargement of the long bones and parathyroid hyperplasia
vit d dif
What 3 conditions does vit e dif cause in young chicks
exudative diathesis

muscular dystrophy
What are the signs for encephalomalacia
lteral recumbancy
outstretched legs
flexed toes
retracted head
no leg or wing paralysis
what is the main sign for exudative diathesis
severe ventral edema causing a wide stance
muscular dystrophy is caused by a dif in vit e and what else
sulfur amino acid
what disease does thiamine dif cause
what is the purpose of thiamine
plays a role in the metabolism of neurotransmitters
what are the clinical signs of thiamine dif
anorexia, leg weakness and stargazing stance in young birds

adults = polyneuritis
what does a riboflavin dif cause
curled toe paralysis
what is riboflavin
co-factor in electron transport
What are the clinical signs of riboflavin dif
same as vit e except may have diarrhea and do have leg and wing paralysis with toes curled in
what is the cause of coccidiosis
Eimeria spp
What are the clinical signs of coccidiosis
diarrhea - mucoid and bloody in chickens usually not bloody in turkeys dehydration lethargy anemia
what are the lesions for coccidiosis
duodenum-E. acervulina
jejunum- E. necatrix,E. maxima
cecum and colon- E. brunetti, E tenella
Which 2 species of Eimeria are the most pathogenic
necatrix and tenella
What mortality and morbidity is seen with coccidiosis
high morbidity

low mortality
what is the common name for histomoniasis in turkeys
blackhead or enterohepatitis
what is the cause of histo
histomonas meleagridis
how do turkeys get histo
ingestion of embryonated cecal worm by fresh feces or earthworm containing the worm
what are the clinical signs of histo
droopy wings
yellow sulfer colored feces and cyanosis of the head
What lesions are seen with histo
target or bulls-eye foci of necrosis on the liver and enlargement of the ceca
What is the morb and mort for histo
high for both
what is the cause of trichomoniasis
Trichomonas gallinae
What is the cause of thrush
Candida albicans
what are the clinical signs of thrush
poor growth ulcerated plaques in mouth
What are the lesions assoc with thrush
CROP- thickening of the mucosa white circular raised plaques
proventricular hemorrhage
how do yo prevent thrush
minimize abx usage
What causes hemorrhagic enteritis of turkeys
type 2 adenovirus
How is adenovirus spread among turkeys and pheasants
fecal oral
What are the clinical signs of adenovirus infection
sudden deaths
well fleshed birds with skin pallor
bloody feces
What are the lesions with adenovirus
enlarged and mottled spleen and hemorrhage
What causes fowl pox
pox virus

avipox virus
how is fowl pox spread
mechanical transmission
abraded skin
insect transmission
What are the lesions assoc with fowl pox
Diptheritic form- elevated white plaques onn infraorbital sinusis to the esophagus

cutaneous form- epithelial proliferation
what is the cause of clostridial enteritis
C.perfringins type a and c
What are the signs of clostridial infection
sudden death
reluctancy to move
What are the lesions seen with clostridial infections
gas distended jejunum and ileum
mucosa covered by a pseuomembrane
not usually hemorrhage
What causes pullorum disease
Salmonella pullorum
how is pullorum disease transmited
vrtical and lateral
What are the lesions for pullorum disease
young birds- huddling, labored breathing,uveitis,

adults- often asymptomatic
what are the lesions seen with pullorum disease
young- miliary liver necrosis, hepatosplenomegaly, fibrinopericarditis cecal cores synovitis

adults- misshapen ovarian follicles
What causes fowl typhoid
Salmonella gallinarum
how is fowl typhoid spread
vertical and lateral
What are the clinical signs of fowl typhoid
young birds- similar to pullorum

semi mature- pale comb,wattles,face

shrunken combs and wattles
What are the lesions seen with fowl typhoid
young birds- same as pullorum
older- big spleen and liver, bile stained liver, ulcerative proximal small intestine
what is the causative agent of paratyphoid in birds
Motile Salmonella serotypes
how is paratyphoid transmitted
vertical and horizontal
what are the clinical signs seen with paratyphoid
young- profuse diarrhea and dehydration
What lesions are assoc with paratyphoid
necrotizing enteritis
hepatic necrosis
caseous cecal cores
What 3 species of salmonella are reportable
what animal gets arizonosis
how is arizonosis transmitted
vertical and lateral
What are the clinical signs for arizonosis
diarrhea lethargy
What 2 diseases are zoonotic