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Gumboro Dz AKA
Infectious Bursal Dz
Etiology of Infectious Bursal Disease
IBD virus, Birnaviridae family
Primary target organ for IBD
cloacal bursa
Other organ changes with IBD and why
Renal- dehydration
Treatment if IBD?
Inflammed bursa of fabricius-what is your Dx
Round heart disease aka
Spontaneous Cardiomyopathy
Round heart disease found mostly in
Normal shape of avian heart
Age of turkeys with Round heart disease
1-4 wks
Differential diagnosis of Round heart disease
Furazolidine toxicity
Infectious bronchitis affects what birds?
Chickens and pheasants
What is your dx? Loss of egg shell color and nephritis.
Infectious bronchitis
What is the tx of Infectious bronchitis?
Encephalomalacia cause
Vit E deficiency
Rickets cause
Vit D deficiency
Necrotic enteritis caused by
clostridium perfrigens
Age susceptible to necrotic enteritis
2-8 wks
Treatment of necrotic enteritis
Mareks dz etiology
What is floppy chicken
Mareks disease
Paralysis of one or more legs or wings what is your ddx
mareks dz
Lymohoid tumors- what is your ddx
Mareks dz
Enlargement of peripheral nerves and brachial and sciatic plexus
Marek's dz
Controll of Mareks dz
vaccinate 1 day old chicks
Coccidia species seen in avian
Eimeria spp ( E. Tenella in chickens)
Coccidia affects what portion of GI
Prevention of coccidia
Clopidol to early chicks
Runting syndrome aka
malabsorption syndrome, infectious stunting syndrome
Helicopter wings
malabsorption syndrome
Pancreatic atrophy and fibrosis sign of
malabsorption syndrome
Bluecomb dz aka
Coronoviral enteritis of turkeys
Wet droppings a finding with what diseases
Bluecomb, Infectious bursal disease
Chalky eggshells
Bluecomb dz
Darkening of head and skin
Bluecomb dz
Treatment of Bluecomb dz
Peni, tetra
Blackhead in turkeys
Histomonas Meleagridis
Blackhead carried by
ova of heterakis gallina
Yellow diarrhea
Blackhead affects what organs
cecum, liver
Pale shriveled comb, spotted feathers, hepatomegally, tumors with lymphoBLASTS
Lymphoid Leukosis
Lymphoproliferative disease of turkeys etiology
Internal parasites
•Ascaridiasis – Ascaridia galli, hermaphrodita, columba, platycerci;VLM (visceral larval migrans of CNS)
•Gizzard and Intestinal Worms
– Porrocecum; L found under horny lining of gizzard; may cause tumors in serosal surface of intestine (eggs look like ascarids only bigger and thick-walled)
• Proventricular and Gizzard worms –
Microtetrameres, Hatertia, Dispharynx, Spiroptera; Cockroach int host;
• Signs:
a. Conjunctivitis
b. Upper tracheal obstruction
c. Gasping
d. Back yard flocks have sporadic deaths w/ tracheal plugs
Etilogy of ILT
Prevention of ILT
eye drop
Mycoplasmosis mc affect
turkeys and chickens
Etiology Mycoplasmosis
M. gallisepticum synoviae
Strain of mycoplasma that causes infertitily in turkeys
Can cause sinusitis, resp dz, conjunctivitis and lameness
Hemorrhagic enteritis etiology
Hemorrhagic enteritis affects what systems
reticuloendothelial system
Intestines filled with red/brown blood and marbeled spleen?
Hemorrhagic enteritis
Green Muscle Disease aka
Deep pectoral myopathy
Green Muscle Disease caused by
ischemia following heavy exercise
This can be caused by intense handling during AI
Green Muscle Disease
Circular white green lesions in air sacs and resp tract
Asp fumigatus
not horses, are good sentinels for human cases (in EEE, horses are good sentinels for human cases)
Highest incidence of west nile during what months
**Hights incidence in August and September – important for vaccination schedule
altered consciousness
Dx west nile
Viral isolation from cold brain
High titer
• Eyeworms – Thelazia; nicitating membrane
• Gizzard worms of ducks and geese – Amidostonum anseris;
• Capillariasis – Threadworms, Hairworms; Capillaria spp; Earthworm; Bipolar plugged eggs
• Cecal worms – Heterakis gallinarum carries Histomonas (see above)
• Proventricular worm – Acuaria; Water flea is intermediate host; very high mortality
• Trichostrongyles – Trichostrongylus tenuis;cecum
• Syngamiasis – Gapes; Earthworms, slugs, snails and beetles; in trachea; causes dysnpnea
• Cyanthostomiasis – Cyanthostoma spp;Earthworm; orbit and nasal cavity
• Filiariasis – Serratospiculum;biting arthropods; L in blood stream (lung, intestine, SQ, metatarsal, eye); CNS signs
• Thorny headed worm – Acanthocephalis; mucosa of intestine causing enteritis
• Tapeworms – Cestoda; fish secondary host; not often pathogenic
• Flukes – Anemia; signs depend on location in body
External parasites
• Red mite – Dermanyssus gallina;Anemia and death; lives in buildings
• Northern Fowl Mite – Ornythonyssus sylviarum;
• Cnemidocoptes mutans – scaly leg, very common in backyard chickens;
What is a disease transmisable to birds that is carried by rodents and pigs
Etiology of erysipelas
rhusiopatha and insidiosa
Sudden death in fattening turkeys
erysipelothrix insidiosa
conjunctivitis and bruising of non pigmented skin
Disease spread by aerosol and from blood sucking mites
Fowl/avian cholera
Etiology of Avian cholera
Past multocida
mucoid oral discharge, swollen joints/wattles, septicemia
Avian cholera
In humans this bird disease is manifested as meningitis
In pigeon droppings
Yeast like zoonotic disease
Stain for cryptococcus
Public health concern, i n Mississippi river, looks like white/brown bread mold
Histoplasma capsulatum
Avian tuberculosis affects what age birds
Etiology avium TB
mycobacterium avium
Can remain in environment for 7 years
Avian TB
Persistant ulceration or granuloma on head
Avian TB
Major turkey salmonella
S. arizona
Salmonella zoonotic to all species
S. typhimurium
Avian Bordetella
Turkey Coryza
Leucocytozoonosis transmitted by
biting flies (simulium)and midgies(culicoides)
Damage from Leucocytozoonosis seen where
liver, spleen
Fowl pox transmitted by
mites, ticks,mosquitos
Bolliinger bodies on histo
Fowl pox
Ornithosis aka
psittacosis aka
Is chlamydia a bacteria?
Rickettsia-like organism
One eyed cold in pigeons aka
Canker aka
Etiology of Trichomoniasis
Trichhomonas gallinae
Lesions of Trichomoniasis
Mouth, trachea
Infectious coryza etiology
Hemophilus paragallinarum
Infectious coryza causes
acute respiratory disease
Tx of Infectious coryza
sulfa drugs( gram -)
Swollen wattles especially in males
Infectious coryza
Botulism aka
Botulism etiology
Botulinum toxin C
Mechanical vector of Botulism
Botulinum toxin found in
rotting carcasses and vegetables
Greenish diarrhea
Samples to submit with Botulism
Frozen liver and kidney
Type of paralysis w/ Botulism
A progressive flaccid paralysis of the neck, tongue, legs and wings
Newcastle Dz etiology
Drop in egg production, soft shelled eggs, torticollis