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What general term describes movements which both arise from, and react against, trends in modernism and reject some aspect of modernism?
after modernism
Post-modern art suggests that all beliefs are unstable and insincere. What therefore are the three devices that are the only positions which cannot be overturned by critique or by later events?
irony, parody and humour
i...., p....., h..... .
What term describes a big, global "story" or framework which orders and explains knowledge and experience for a culture?
another word for a story is a "narrative"....
Postmodern art eradicates the boundaries between what two major forms of art?
high and low forms of art
up and down?
Postmodern art challenges the idea of "genres" and their conventions by using what techniques?
collision, collage and fragmentation.
crash, stick, split...
When did radical movements and trends regarded as precursors to post-modernism emerge?
(roughly around the time of) World War I
early 20th century...
The industrial revolution and the invention of the camera gave rise to two key changes in art, what were they?
i) The use of industrial artifacts in art and ii) reproduction as a means of creating artworks.
mass production...
Which critical 20th C modernist art movement celebrated "anti-art" and rejected any attempt to define itself?
yes-yes? hobby horse? or nothing?
Which critical 20th C modernist art movement explored multiple viewpoints and used collage techniques?
Depends which way you look at it
Which critical 20th C modernist art movement utilized painting, photography and film in bizzare and unsettling, often dreamlike ways?
Beyond the real...