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Where does the subclavian artery arise from?
The braciocephalic artery
How are the parts of the subclavian artery created? What are the three different parts?
The are created by the anterior scalene muslce.

1) Between its origin and the anterior scalene muscle.
2) Posterior to the anterior scalene
3) Runs lateral to the anterior scalene and extends to the 1st rib.
What are the three main parts of the subclavian artery?
1) Internal thoracic artery (runs lateral to manubrium)
2) Vetebral artery (c1-6 supplies spinal coard, brain - RUNS SUPEROMEDIALLY)
3) Thyrocervical trunk
What are the three main branches of the thyrocervical trunk?
1) Inferior Thyroid (vascularizes thyroid gland, esophagus, trachea, pharynx, and larynx)

2) Transverse cervical (trapezius and muscles of scapula)
3) Suprascapula (muslce and tissue of scapula - travels laterally and posteriorly to the neck - the most inferior branch)
Which branches does the inferior thryoid branch (most medial branch of the thyrocervical trunk) give rise to?
Inferior laryngeal artery and ascending cervical artery.
Which branch of the subclavian artery is found in part II?
The costocervical trunk
What are the two branches of the costocervical trunk?
1) Superior Intercostal Artery (passes under the subclavian artery and descends inferiorly and gives off the 1st 2 posterior intercostal arteries)

2) Deep cervical artery (ascends superiorly and vascularizes the posterior neck muscles. It anastamoses with the occipital artery)
Part II of subclavian artery
As the subclavian travels laterally it gives off one more branch before crossing over the first rib and becoming the axillary artery. What is the branch?
Dorsal scapular artery
How is the subclavian artery separated from the subclavian vein?
The artery lies posterior to the anterior scalene muslce whereas the vein lies posterior to the anterior scalene muscle.
Anterior scalene muslce
Which veins drain into the subclavian vein? Which is the major supplier?
The external jugular vein, dorsal scapular and anterior jugular. The external jugular vein is the main supplier.
Which veins from the braciocephalic vein?
The subclavian vein and the internal jugular vein.
Where does the external jugular vein form? Which two veins from the external jugular vein?
The angle of the mandible. The retromandibular and the posterior auricular vein form the external jugular vein.
Which veins drain into the external jugular vein superior to the clavicle?
The EJV receives the transverse cervical, suprascapular, and anterior jugular veins
What is the origin of the SCM? What is the insertion of the SCM? How is it innervated?
Origin: Manubrium (tendinous)
Clavicular head (musc.)
Insertion: mastoid process and
superior nuchal line
Innervation: Cervical branch
of facial XII
What innervates the platysma?
Cervical branch of facial XII