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Lady Murasaki
Japanese author of The Tale of Genji, wrote first novel in history
a very powerful Japanese aristocratic family that exercised exceptional influence over imperial affairs
Ashikaga Shogunate
Japanese head of one of the branches of Minamoto family, led revolt of bushi that overthrew Kamakura regime
Yi Dynasty
Korean Dynasty that lasted from 1392-1910
today's Cambodians
Trung sisters
Vietnamese children of deposed local leader, points to importance of the more favored position of women in Vietnamese society, in contrast to Chinese, a source of resistance
kingdom that ruled in the southwestern part of Korea
Red River
Vietnamese river valley system where Vietnam was centered
Nam Viet
Vietnamese early name for Vietnamese civilization
Land and people south of Vietnam, conquered
Taika Dynasty
Japanese dynasty from 645-710 CE
Nara Dynasty
Japanese dynasty from 710-784 CE
Heian Dynasty
Japanese dynasty from 794-857 CE
Taika Reforms
646, revamping of Japan to be very similar to China, especially in imperial administration
Gempei Wars
wars that ravaged heartland of Honshu for 5 years
Fugiwara Shogunate
revolt led by Ashikaga Takuaji that overthrew the Kamakura Regime
Onin War
collapse of centralized authority that led to full scale civil war. Led to 300 small kingdoms.
What happened between 918 CE and 1392 CE?
Chinese influence peaked in Korea
What happened in 220 CE?
Sinification begins in Korea
What happened in 1668 CE?
Korean Silla Kingdom conquers China with Tang Dynasty
What happened in 111 BCE?
Han conquered Vietnam, started major influence adoption by Vietnamese
What happened in 939 CE?
Vietnamese independence from China, learned a lot from them
What happened between 1000-1800 CE?
Vietnamese successful expansion into territory of Chams and Khmers
What were the bushi?
Japanese warrior leaders who administered laws, supervised public work projects, and collected revenues
Who were the samurais?
Japanese mounted troops, loyal to local lords. Weapons included the long bow, curved steel sword, small sword
What were bakufus?
Japanese military government
Who were the shoguns?
Japanese military leaders of the bakufus
Who were the daimyos?
Japanese warlord leaders who ruled little kingdoms after the Onin war
What is Zen Buddhism?
Japanese type of Buddhism that was adopted in Japan
What was sinification?
Korean extensive adoption of Chinese culture in Korea (applies to all civilizations)
What was the tribute system?
Korea was most affected by this. System adopted by the Chinese to trade goods for money with surrounding countries/nomads