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Which of the following statements about Muslim women is not true?
They often played a role in public life
To demonstrate their rejection of the Mongols, the Ming emperor
severed relations with the Middle East and central asia and closed the borders to foreigners
The rise of literacy in Korea resulted from the
combination of an improved printing system and the han'gul writing system.
Much to the distress of the Confucianists the Mongols elevated the status of
The Mongol expansion
created a flow of disease via the trade routes
In return for the use of their lord's land, serfs
had to give the lord a share of the harvest and perform services
Which of the following has not been a factor in India's habitual political fragmentation historically?
competition between different claimants for political power
The test uses the example of Tang style warfare and pottery to demonstarate their
appreciation for both Turkish and Chinese culture
To faciliatate communication and trade between North China and South China, the Sui built the
Grand Canal
The 1st Mongol conquests under Genghis Khan were in
The Tang Empire is considered 'cosmopolitan' because
it mixed styles, goods, and cultures from every part of Asia
The Greeks viewed the sea as
an important 'connector'
The decline of the Tang Empire occurred when
political decay and military decline undermined the social order
Chinese maritime innovations included
compasses and large oceangoing ships.
Diaspora means
Why didnt ming Chrina develop seafaring for commercial and military gain
The mongol threat from the north took priority over seafaring.
Which of the following cannot be said about Zhu Xi's Neo Confucianism?
The ideal human is the warrior
By instituting civil service examinations for entrance into the government bureaucracy, the Song
recruited the most talented men for government service
Historians state that the song technological innovations led the Song to
coming closer to having an industrial revolution
The tributary system was a practice in which
countries acknowledged the supremacy of the Chinese emperor.
How did the threat of Mongol invasion affect Japan?
The Japanese military governments spent a lot of time building coastral defenses, hoping to consolidate the warrior class
During the Song period, women experiences subordination and social restriction epitomized by the
Two protracted and bloody wars against the Carthaginians were important because
Rome won control of the wester Mediterranean
The Emperor Yongle restored commercial links with the Middle East by
exploring maritime connections and encouraging the voyages of Zheng He.
As an advantage of Mongol rule was that
it promoited the spread of ideas and movement of people in Eurasia
What metal was crucially important to the Central Asian nomads?
How did Mongol control impact Russia's Orthodox Church?
They were granted great priveleges
Japanese emperors
seldom wielded any real political power
Which of the following Chinese technologies were not among those borrowed by the Koreans to make editions of Buddhist texts?
moveable type
Of the many things that Central Asia and the Islamic world introduced to China which of the following was not among them?
The religion of the central asian nomads was
a diverse mixture of various religions.
Which of hte following was not one of the techniques employed by the Mongols to defeat the armies they faced?
In 1295, the IlKhan ruler Ghazan converted to which religion?
Why did the Mongols refrain from attacking central Europe in 1241
the death of the Great Khan
Mongol armies often consisted of
a multinational force with mongol leaders.
One impact that the sea treade had on China was the
transmission of the plague.
What was the role of Mongol women in politics
Women from prestigious families were often powerful in negotiation and management
in 1453 the Ottomans conquered which important Christian city?
Which city became Russia's dominant political center under the Mongols?
Which of the following is not one of the aspects of Mongol rule that created hardship and a sharp population decrease
their insistence that the Chinese practice agriculture rather than trade.
After Tibertan government attempts to eliminate the influence of monasteries Tibetan Buddhists responded by
assassinating the king and controlling the royal family
The Chinese political system which relied primarily on strict laws and punishments in order to compel the people to behave is called
Which of the following were not practices connected with monasticism?
living in society to spread good influence and performing sacraments
Why didnt China as we think of it today exist before the Mongols?
The Mongols reunited Chine permanently.
Which of the followng did the Europeans not learn about from the Mongols?
The relationship between the leading family in Korea, the Koryo family, and the Mongols was that
the Koryo family became attatched and loyal to the Mongols.
The Mongols encouraged the sharing and exchange of all of the following except for
The Ming produced one of the most prized commercial products of Eurasia
in 1368 the Yuan empire was overthrown and replaced by the
Ming empire
Why was there a cultural flowering in Iran, Afghanistan, and Central Asia under the Timurids?
Iran and China shared artistic trends and political ideas