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cost of civil war
confed 260,000 dead
200,000 wounded
union 360,000 dead
275,000 wounded
the south suffered most
lincoln assasination - date
lincoln assasination - place
fordes theatre
who was john w booth
person who shot lincoln in the head
who was samuel mudd
john w booths's doctor
who was mary surratt
she took part in the conspiracy
what was garretts' farm
farm booth was found on
what is springfield, il
IL capital
who way andrew johnson
vice president who took lincolns place when lincoln was shot
what was reconstruction
process to readmit the confederate states
civil war amendments - what is the 13th
banned slavery
civil war amendments - what is the - 14th
gave blacks rights to vote
civil war amendments - what is the - 15th
granted slaves to vote
what are black codes
laws passed by southern states limiting the freedom of slaves
what are civil rights
right granted to all citizens
what are carpetbaggers
name for northerners who went south after the civil war
what are scalawags
name for pour white farmers who were angry at planters
what were freemens schools
a school set up to educate newly freed african americans
what is sharecropping
a system in which a land owner gave farm workers land, seed, and tools in return for crops
who are the ku klux klan
a group formed in 1806 that wanted to restore democratic control of the south
was is lynching
killing someone on the spot without
was was the panic of 1873
a financial crisis in which banks closed and the stock market collapsed
what was the compromise of 1877
an angreement resolved on 1976 rutherford b hayes became president and removed the last federal troops from the south
who was rutherford b hayes
became president for compromise of 1877 and removed troops from the south
what was lincolns reconstruction plans
a - required 10% of voters in each s state to swear an oath of loyalty to the us
b - after oath states could form a new govtmnt
c - new state govmnt had to abolish slavery
what was wade davis bills reconstruction plans
a - required a majority of white male southerns to swear loyalty
b - denied the right to vote and hold office to any southerns who volunteer to fight for the confederate states
what was johnsons reconstruciton plans
a - required a majority (50%) of voters in southern states to pledge loyalty
b - each state had to radify the 13th amendment
what was radical (congress) reconstruciton plans
a - divided the south into 5 military districts commanded by an army general
b - requried southern states to radify the 14th ammendment
c - must allow blacks to vote in all southern states
d - took away vote from all former confederate officers and army officials
years of reconstruction
johnson impeachment - what was tenure of office act
law which forbid the president to fire gov officials without approvel, resulted in johnsons impeachment
johnson impeachment - who was edwin stanton
johnsons secy of state of war who was fired
johnson impeachment - what are house of reps
voted to bring impeachment against johnson
johnson impeachment - what is the senate
place where johnson trial took place in wash dc
johnson impeachment - what is the chief justice
the presiding officer at johnson impeachment trial
johnson impeachment - who is edmund ross
senator from kansas who cast the deciding vote at johnsons trial
johnson impeachment - what were the results
johnson was found not guilty and finished his term
election of 1876 - who was samuel tilden
democratic candidate who was leading the 1876 election but lost to a crongressional committee
election of 1876 - who was rutherford hayes
republican who lost the popular vote but won the election due to compromise
election of 1876 - what problem occurred
neither candidates had the majority of electoral votes. states sent two sets of results, one in favor of each candidate.
election of 1876 - what were the results
committee voted eight to seven, to elect rutherford hayes