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Who's the next person on the list?
The fox had its right leg caught in the trap.
Our neighbor's car is old.
In three weeks we'll have a test.
Didn't you hear that they're leaving tomorrow?
I remember reading about Cinderella's glass slipper and Snow White's wicked stepmother.
The Smith's children were sad.
It's important that the kitten has shots.
She did not hear her children's dries.
Didn't he say when he would arrive?
It's such a beautiful day.
She said that the watch was hers.
Little girls' clothing is on the first floor.
The dog's bark was worse than its bite.
The moon's rays shone faintly on the path.
I heard the insects' chirpings and buzzings.
They're not afraid to try it.
John's MP3 player is his proudest possession.
The dog's paw was injured.
Plymouth's weather is cold.