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Possessive adjectives show who _____ or is _____ _______ of something.
Possessive adjectives show who owns or is in possession of something.
hint: what does possessive mean?
Spanish adjectives must match the ---- and ---- of the nouns they modify.
Spanish adjectives must match the number (s/pl) and gender (m/f) of the nouns they modify.
Name the possessive adjectives in English
my, your, its, his, her, their, our, your (plural)
mi (s), mis (pl)
Compra [my] libros
Compra mis libros.
your (singular, familiar)
tu, tus
Quiero comprar [your] coche. I want to buy your car.
Quiero comprar tu coche
your (singular or plural formal), its, his, her, their
su, sus
Voy a [your] oficina. I'm going to his/her, their/your office.
Voy a su oficina.
nuestro, nuestra, nuestros, nuestras
Es _________[our] casa. It's our house.
Es nuestra casa.
your (plural familiar)
vuestro, vuestra, vuestros, vuestras
?Dondė están [your] hijos? Where are your children?
?Dondė están vuestros hijos?