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CR for the AP foot
10 degrees toward the heel to the base of 3rd metatarsal
Angle for the medial AP oblique of the foot
30 deg
What are the structures shown on the medial rotation AP oblique of the foot
*cuboid is in profile
*sinus tarsi
What should be clearly demonstrated on the medial rotation of the foot?
lateral tarsals(3rd-5th)
What does the lateral rotation AP oblique projection of the foot show?
seperate first and second metatarsal bases
Most used lateral projection of the foot
Reommended lateral projection of the foot
Routine for the foot
AP axial
AP oblique (medial rotation)
Routine for the ankle
AP oblique (medial rotation)
AP oblique (lateral rotation)
Which malleoli in the akle lies lower?
What do you do to prevent lateral rotation of the ankle?
dorsiflex the foot
What should be demonstrated in the mediolateral projection of the ankle?
fibula over the posterior half of the tibia
CR for the ankle
midway between the malleoli
Rotate the pt's ___ and ___ for all projections of the ankle.
leg, foot
degree for oblique ankle
The medial rotation AP oblique of the ankle demonstrates what?
seperates the tibia and fibula
Structures shown for the lateral rotation AP oblique projection of the ankle.
*subtalar joint
*calcaneal sulcus(superior portion of calcaneus)
How far must the IR extend on the leg?
1 1/2 - 2 inches beyond the joints
Femoral condyles are ___ to the IR on the AP leg.
The patella is ____ to the IR in a mediolateral leg.