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this present is for you
este regalo es para ti
coffee for everyone!
cafe para todos
im studying to be a lawyer
estudio para abogado
we set out for the coast
salimos por la costa
i was about to say so
estaba para decirlo
it will be ready for eight o clock
estara listo para las ocho
we have money for two days
tenemos dinero para dos dias
i'll see you around five
te veo para las cinco
we passed through cordoba
pasamos por cordoba
we couldn't see because of the people
no podiamos ver por la gente
i love him for his kindness
lo quiero por su bondad
for now
por ahora
para siempre
in the morning
por la manana
that was through not knowing what i was doing
es fue por no saber lo que hacia
i got the tickets through your help
consegui los billetes por tu ayuda
for god's sake!
por dios!
i paid too much for these shoes
pague demasiado por estos zapatos
lend it to me for a day
prestamelo solo por un dia
i did it for you
lo hice por ti