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population distribution
how population is spread over the earth
a scientists who studies the popoulation, birthrate, and deathrate of the earth
population density
average number of people that live in a given area
the number of live births per 1000 people
the number of deaths each year per 1000 people
life expectancy
the average years a person lives
a person who moves to a new country in oder to settle there.
"push-pull" theory
a theory of migration that says people migrate because certian things in thier lives "push" them to leave and certian things in a new place "pull" them
rural areas
an area with low population density such as a village or countryside
urban area
an area with a high population density;a city or town
the growth of city populations cuased by the movements of people to cities.
raw materials
a resource of material that is still in its natural state, before being processed or manufactured into a useful prouduct
recyclable resorces
a resorce that goes through natural prosesses
renewable resorces
a natural resorce that continues to get supply as it is used. trees are renewable resorces
nonrenewable resorces
a resorce that cannot pe replacesed once it is used
a process of turning raw materials into a finished product
total number of people that live a certian area
developed nations
a modern society with a well -delvolped economy
deleloping nations
a country with relatively low production often lacking modern technology
commercial farming
farming that is dumb by companies. they are large and use modern technology
subsistence farming
farming that provides enough for a family
a large estate, usually in a warm climate, on which crops grow
foreign aid
economic and millitary aid to another country
a community of living things and their evironment
a process of clearing land of trees or forests ususally to make room for farms and homes
the area in which a plant or animal lives or grows
acid rain
rain whose high level of chemicals can pollute or damage the environment
Green Revolution
scientists found a new way to grow crops with less water. this change in agriculture is call the Green Revolution.