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What time period did the middle class rise?
Industrial Revolution
What is a paradigm?
way of looking at things, point of view
What do you listen for while listening to music?
structure, patterns, repetition, lyrics
Paradigm of identity
How this represents a group of people
Paradigm of technology
Has great impact on music, how it's distributed, how it's sold
Paradigm of Business
Profit motivation, economics
What are the 21 bar blues?
Call and response, three lines, the 3rd line is the revolution (4,4,4)
What is a blue note?
Bending a note, slides from one note to another, becomes sad, heavy
1920's and 1930's music was..
very sexual
Race Music
"black music"
Hillbilly Records
not very mainstream, bluegrass, gospel influence
Major contributors to Rock n Roll?
Hillbilly, pop, jazz, gospel
"Tin Pan Alley"
AABA lyrics, NYC, mass production