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1. President Bush recently chose ______ to head the investigation of the World Trade Center.
D. Henry Kissinger
2. As a residence of this congressional district, your congressmen is
Chet Edwards
3. As results of last elections, the Republicans have majority in US
House & Senate
4. The newest department of our federal gov’t is
Homeland Security
5. Where is Usama bin Laden?
Who knows
6. Individual most prominently mentioned as planning the World Trade is
ben Laden
7. Pres. Bush preferred vacation retreat is in
8. Current Bush Attorney General is
Ashcroft *GONZALAS*
9. If we are to believe the pres next year our boys (soldiers) are likely to be fighting & dicing in
10. One of the clearest of most powerful statements in our constitution “No money shall be drawn from the Treasury but in consequence of appropriations made my law” is found in ____. This clause stopped American participation in the war in Vietnam.
A. Art 1
11. The last chapter of your text proposes concurrent service in government. To achieve this, Article________ would have to be changed by amendment.
12. To find our constitution the current procedures for the selection of a new president, read ___
art 2
13. The membership of the NRA is most concerned about the interpretation of the ____ Am.
14. the current minimum voting age in this nation is specified in _________ Am.
15. The term “equal protection of the laws” appears only once in our constitution, in the ___ Am.
16. the term “due process of law” appears in _____ am.
17. the term “due process of law” appears I ___ am.
18. What amendment would protect you from the police searching your house w/ a warrant?
19. Which am protects us against censorship of press by the gov’t?
20. Which am in the bill of rights abolishes slavery?
21. Which am in b of r forbids gov’t from compelling a person from testifying against self?
22. We have other rights in addition to those listed in first 10 am?
23. American most prominently identified w/ the drafting of the un declaration of human rights?
dean acherson--- elenore roseevelt
24. Each country ratifying UNDHR usually reserved to itself the right to interpret that document.
25. in class, we contrasted “positive rights” & “negative rights” which of the following contains the most “positive rights”.
26. UNDHR was approved by UN in
c. 1948
27. # times state legislatures been able to get congress to call a constitutional convention?
c. 1
28. the current means of selecting the pres and vp are specified in the ___ am.
. 12
29. only the ___ am is specifically binding on state gov’t.
30. article VI specifically prohibits the imposition of a ___ test for holding office.
31. art VI declares that the constitution, laws and ____ shall be the supreme law of land
32. the constitution specifically req’s in art VI that ________ support the doc.
members of state legislatures b. st. court judges c. st. gov’s d. Congress; all
33. regarding the process of amending the us constitution, once a Rhode Island legislature ratifies a proposed am. Can a subsequent RI legislature withdraw approval.
34. am to us constitution may be by national constitutional convention or by
2/3 vote in us senate & house
35. using the formula in the us const, can ratified by conventions in ¾ states or :
legislatures in ¾ state
36. the most notable sc decision to date this century on what constitution basis did our high court decide this decision.
. cruel & unusual punishment
37. Those w/ a communitarian prespective argue that inequalities among Americans can be reduced if our people and the court embraces the concept of _________ justice.
38. We learned in this course that those w/ a ____ perspecitive hold that the 1st task of gov’t is the protection of the rights of each and every American citizen.
39. which public policy issue likely divides the American public the most?
. abortion rights
40. Assume that upcoming presidential election, 3rd party candidate will capture 20% of popular vote, 30% in some states and 10% others. What percent of electoral college would he get?
41. The dominant theme of book from begin to end is the tension b/n ____
. individualism & communitarism
42. the most common way to amend constitution is
2/3 congress ratify by ¾ state legislatures
43. all the following except____ as current problems of the American electoral system.
. complicated voter registration proced
44. A friend of yours, at coffee, describes himself as “strict separationist”. He advocates ________
gov’t doing nothing touching or impacting religion
45. lawyers mention “equal access” as that term used in your text would likely be referring either to the handicapped or to ______ use in public school facilities.
bible clubs
46. Written in 1644 as a prominent early defense of freedom of expression, areopagitica was authored by _______.
. John Milton
47. SC justice who most recent accurately reflects Alexander Meiklejohn’s view of freedom of expression =
48. “accomodationist” is for
d. seeking consumer friendly legislation
49. Meet me at flagpole’s religious event is perfectly constitutions b/c
. all
50. SC hold that state legislatures cannot _____ in public schools.
d. 2&3 or e. all
51. As 1st am currently interpreted, which of following would be legal in public school,
. none
52. which of following practices on public school property would violate 1st am?
b. requiring students in English to read psalms
53. Wisconsin v. Yoder exempted which religious group from state education laws?
54. You have constitutionality protected right to send your children to a _________.
55. A case barring prayer before school football games.
Santa fe ISD v. Doe
56. Many SC decisions dealing w/ public assistance to parochiral schools referred to the ____ to explain why aid could be given while not benefiting a particular religious institution.
c. child-benefit theory
57. Simple possession of pornographic material involving ___ is most likely to bring enforcement of draconian (severe) state laws.
58. cities have used ____ restrictions to limit the content, location & size of signage by sex-oriented businesses without violating 1st am. Freedom of speech.
59. What part of the constitution would a pornographer embrace to claim his business enterprise was entirely legal?
first am
60. Stanley v. Georgia dealt with
private possession of obscene material
61. “shield law” in text refers to:
allows journalists to refuse to reveal their sources
62. In a libel suit, which plaintiff would NOT have to prove malice by the other party in order to be awarded damages?
. bar owner
63. The doctrine of fairness(?) would normally be mentioned in the discussion of:
freedom of press
64. The ____ test as modified by the Miller decision sets the stnd for obscenity cases.
65. In American courtrooms these days, libel nowadays refers to :
written & spoken
66. ___?__ restrictions as discussed in our class are used by cities___?__
parades & demonstrations
67. To understand the origins of the court’s notion of “symbolic speech”, read
Tinker v. Des Moines orrr Khory v. Dallas
68. In your review for this exam, surely you mentioned malice in thinking about ____ materials.
freedom of speech & press
69. State laws regulating ____ have frequently been overruled for reasons of vagueness & overbedth
speech & expression
70. Freedom to join any group you wish firmly grounded in:
. 1st am. Freedom of speech
71. is it legal to burn an American flag as part of a protest demonstration?
b. yes
72. Of all the forms of communication, ____ has received the most limited 1st am protection, and is most subject to gov’t supervisions.
73. To the SC, “pure speech” means,
speech unconnected w/ action
74. What non-profit organization has repeatedly used the courts to defend & expand speech & press rights of unpopular minorities.
75. According to your prof, the legalization of abortion in 1972 led to
b. ? Or D. an increase in cost of abortions
76. What process explains why some of the elements of b of r restrict the actions of indiv. states while others do not?
state sovereignty
77. A close reading of the Roe v. Wade abortion decision supports the conclusion that states may still ban certain abortions and jail those performing them.
78. US today, a man has __?__ to do which of the following “in privacy of his own home”
79. Roe v. Wade decision does I certain circumstance compel
80. The organized catholic community in the US has ___ the Roe v. Wade decision.
81. Constitutional support for existence of rights not enumerated in B of R can be found in __ am
e. 11th
82. Your right to privacy exists in the “penumbras of the constitution” says our SC. If a friend tells you he will meet you in the penumbras of the SUB, you find him
near but outside building or near main entrance
83. To find the constitutional basis for privacy doctrine, best place to look is 9th am & ___
84. Which am granted women right to vote?
85. In lecture, your prof advocated “equality of opportunity” as best solution to the “equality” or “fairness” problems in our society.
86. In class, your prof claimed that the fairest, most equal way to distribute gov’t cheese b/t two qualified welfare recipients was
more to hungry
87. Most last half of prev century affirmative action used mostly to remedy __ discrimination.
88. In your text, literacy test have been discussed in connection w/ these __?__
right to vote
89. Clear & present danger test for judging freedom of speech first arose immediately after
90. Authors of famous clear & present danger test was
91. SC decision most famous for beginning application of B of R to states is
Gitlow v. NY
92. Test used by court majority in Dennis v. US uphold conviction of members of communist party under smith act was the
bad-tendency test
93. Right of persons to burn an American flag as symbolic speech protected by 1st am upheld in
TX v. Johnson
94. Elected in Nov. 1994, the 104th congress passed revolutionary legislation dealing w/ campaign finances.
95. 1st Am. Protection for freedom of assembly was finally applied to the states in
DeJonge v. Oregon
96. When gov’t restricts or forbids expression before it is communicated, it is referred to as a
prior restraint
97. The SC declared a state “public nuisance” law unconstitutional in
Near v. Minnesota
98. SC has ruled that the media’s use of TV in courtroom is unconstitutional in
Chandler v. Fl
99. Which of following true?
press has absolute immunity from prosecution
100. Case of Branzburg v. Hayes dealt with right of
. judges to close trial proceedings to public