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elastic clause
necessary and proper
follow-up on a proposals fate once it has been approved by the full chamber
after the fact authority
joint committee created to work out a compromise for house and senate versions of a bill
conference committee
surveillance of activities of exec agencies
status ranking by length of continuous service on a congressional commmittee
committee's power to decide if a change in policy will be considered for a
gatekeeping authority
power to bring a proposal to the full legislature
proposal power
committee that considers legislation within its subject area
Standing com
basic unit of deliberation in the House and Senate
Standing com
closed meeting of political or legislative group to select candidates, plan strategy, or make decisions regarding legis. matters
Party caucus
Speaker is elected in congress by what kind of vote?
straight party vote?
subordinate in heirarchy to the speaker
Majority leader
elected leader of party holding less than a majority of the seats in the house or senate.
Minority leader
how many senators do we have?
how many reps do we have in USA?
The Apportionment of voters in districts in such a way as to give unfair advantage to a party
Congressmens' efforts to gain trust and support of constituents by providing them with personal service
Form of patrogage where representatives seek to capture federal projects for their own districts.
pork barrel legislation
direct services and benefits that members provide for their districs
appropriations made by legislative bodies for local projects that are often notneeded but are created so that local reps can carry their home district in the next election
pork barrel legislation
holding office for which one is running
legislature with members that serve full time for multiple terms
professional legislature
reps are accountable to their constituents if they fail to represent them properly.
agency representation
rep who votes based on what he thinks is best for his constituency
rep who votes based on preferences of his constituency
district comprising the area from which an official is elected
________ is necessary for effective congressional representation
2 most important power in any gov't are the powers of _____ and _____, and ______ has these 2 powers
force and money, congress
what accounts for the toleration of agency loss?
transaction costs
the diff. bt/w what a principal wants an agent to do and the agent's actual performance
agency loss
How many terms can committee and subcommittee heads serve for?
Minimum age of member for a US House rep
Minimum age of member for a US senate rep
US House rep's required length of US citizenship:
US Senate member's required length of US citizenship:
# of House reps per state:
1 per 630,000
# of Senate members per state:
US Senate term length:
US House term length:
What allows Congress members to claim credit for fed'lly granted resources
pork barrel legislation
Agencies that enhance Congress's capacity to oersee administrative agencies and to evaluate presid'l programs and proposals
staff agencies
There are how many staff agencis?
the follwoing are types of what? Congressional Budget Office, General Accounting Office, and Congressional Research Service
staff agencies
Legislative Service Organizations (LSO)is the formal name of what?
groups of senators or reps who share certain interests, opinions, or social characteristics
An association of members of congress based on party interest, or social group such as gender or race is a ________.
House Rules Com. provision prohibiting the introduction of amedments during debate.
closed rule
Rules com provision permitting floor debate and addition of new amendments to a bill:
Open rule
Rules com provision where there is a listening of specific amendments that can be voted upon.
Modified rule
Senator's can use this right to precent axn of a piece of legislation they oppose. A senator takes the floor for an unlimited time to speak
how does a filibuster end/ be overridden
3/5 cloture vote of Senate
Rule allowing a mojority of 2/3 or 3/5 of the members in a legislative body to set a time limit on a debate over a given bill.
how is a veto overridden
2/3 vote in each house of congress
veto by president by taking no action on it when congress has adjourned
pocket veto
tendency of congress to spread the benefits of a policy oover a wide range of member's districts
distributive tendency
a vote in which each legislator's yes or no is recorded
roll-call vote
vote where at least half of one party takes a particular posish, and at least half of the other party takes an opposing position.
party vote
communication network in each house of Congress
whip system
these guys take polls of the membership to learn their intentions on specific bills
agreements made bt/w legislatures with nothing in common, but they desire to exchange support
agreement bt/w president and another country that has the force ofa treaty but doesn't requre the Senates "advice and consent"
exec agreement