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What was the New Jersey Plan?
one-house legislature
What major problem came up?
Couldn't agree on the legislature of either plan
What was the Great Compromise (Connecticut Plan)?
Compromise of the New Jersey Plan & Virginia plan
uppper chamber = 2 members from each state
lower chamber = house representation based on population
Who said "If men were angels, we wouldn't need government."
James Madison
What is checks and balances?
system in which each branch of government has some power and control to watch over the other branches
What is separation of powers?
dividing power of government into 3 branches
What is a republic?
A government in which the people pick their leaders
What is federalism?
national and state governments get authority from the people
What is full faith and credit (Art IV Section 1)?
States must recognize other states laws
Member of the political community to whom certain rights & obligations are attached.
Civil Society
Society created when citizens are allowed to organize & express their views publicly about public policy.
to send someone back to another state to face criminal charges
What is article IV section 1 of the constitution?
Full Faith and Credit
What is article IV section 2 of the constitution?
Citizen rights are the same in all states (ex. if you commit a crime in one state and go to another state, they must send you back to face justice)
What is article IV section 4 of the constitution?
States are guaranteed a republic form of government
What is article IV section 3 of the constitution?
Only congress can admit new states, dispose of property, and is the state legislature for all protectorates