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What was the Stamp Act?
tax on printed items
Before the Stamp Act did Americans pay taxes?
Yes, local and service oriented
What action did the colonies take in regards to the Stamp Act?
condemn the Stamp Act
What action did ordinary citizens take in regards to the Stamp Act?
rebellion, Boston Tea Party
Stamp Act Meeting
Met and sent a draft to King stating how rights were violated
When was the Declaration of Independence signed?
July 4, 1776
Who signed the Declaration of Independence?
56 delegates from the 13 states, Madison, Franklin, Jefferson, Hamilton, Adams
Who wrote the original draft of the declaration?
Thomas Jefferson
Articles of Confederation
Agreement among the 13 states in 1781.
What did the Articles of Confederation not do?
didn't create a strong central government
What is a confederation?
gov. power comes from states
Who proposed the Virginia Plan (Large States)?
James Madison wrote it and Edmund Randolph presented it to the convention
What was the Virginia Plan?
calls for two-house congress in order to makes laws, overrule state laws, choses the executive & the judiciary
How is the legislature selected under the Virginia Plan?
lower chamber = population
upper chamber = chosen by lower chamber
Why was there so much opposition to the Virginia Plan?
the plan weakened states rights and power
Who proposed the New Jersey Plan?
The small states and presented by William Patterson