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What is the first amendment?
Freedom of religion
How is freedom of religion define in the First Amendment?
Congress shall make no law respecting religion or prohibiting someones free execise of religion.
What is the establishment of religion?
Government which establishes and supports a state church.
What problems are there in respect to the first amendment?
Because it is vague, courts often decide what it means.
How are governments with an established religions often supported?
By tax dollars
Who usually makes the laws in a government with an established religion?
The Church
Who runs governments based on religion?
They are usually from the church.
What happens to other religions in a church state?
Other religions are often excluded.
What did Thomas Jefferson say in regards to state supported religions?
There should be "a wall of separation between church and state."
Why was Thomas Jefferson oppose to state supported religion?
Because he was opposed to the Church of England being the official state supported religion.
What are two arguments for religious freedom?
History shows when church and state are linked individual freedoms are jeopardized & purity of religion would be ruined if it mixed with politics.
Who were Pastors Joshua & Caleb Thompson?
Pastors found guilty of child abuse for for beating a children to educate them about the Lord.
What is the Establishment Clause of the first amendment?
The Establishment Clause of the First Amendment guarantees that the government will not create and/or support an official state religion – prefer one over the other.
What effect did the establishment clause have on bible reading and prayer in school?
It prohibits both because it is makes kids feels like they have to conform even it is against their beliefs.
What court case struck down prayer and bible reading in public schools?
School District of Abington Township, Pennsylvania v. Schempp, 1963
What court case said open gov’t meetings w/prayer ok since it is only a “tolerable acknowledgement of beliefs?”
Marsh v. Chambers
What court case said that New York state could not use state funds to pay parochial school(church school) teachers’ salaries?
Lemon v. Kurtzman
When can states use money to fund religious schools?
When the money is not used for religious teaching materials, neither advances nor hinders religion.
Can students participate in "See you at the pole" events?
Yes as long as it is before or after school, school officials can neither encourage nor discourage it.
What case said you couldn't prayer at a graduation ceremony?
Lee v. Weisman
What was the Zelman v Simmons-Harris 2002 decision?
said that gov. can give money to people to send their children to a school of their choice including a religious school.
What is the Free Exercise Clause?
Congress shall make no law.....prohibiting the free exercise of religion.
What is the purpose of the Free Exercise Clause?
Designed to prevent the gov. from interfering with the practice of religion
When can gov. prevent religious practices?
Only when the practice is injuring others or violating the law.
Is polygamy legal?
Can states force Amish children to go to public schools?
Who was Rev. Dixon?
Was arrested for failure to pay taxes. Had to pay taxes because he hadn't file for nonprofit religious status.