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How Long is the Pres. and V.P. Term of Office?
4 years
What did the Electoral College do for the voters?
Allowed them to give a preference for Pres.
What was Texas' method to appoint electors?
Unite Rule: Winner Take All
Election of 1800
Jefferson-73 votes & Burr-73 votes. Threw to Congress. 20 votes for Jefferson, 4 votes for Burr, & 2 non-voters.
Election of 1824
Since no one had majority, Congress decided who was Pres. 13 votes for Adams & 7 votes for Jackson
Electoral College 1876
Tilden 51% pop/184 electoral votes & Hayes 49% popular/185 electoral votes. Hayes lost in 1880.
1888 Electoral College
Cleaveland 48.6% pop/168 electoral votes & Harrison 47.8% pop/233 electoral votes.
2002 Presidential Election
Gore 266 electoral & Bush 271 electoral. Gore lost even though he had over 500,000 more pop. votes
How many Congressional Districts did Texas get?
2 districts
What was the majority in order to win Presidency?
What was the major requirement for being President?
Being natural born. (Waived in beginning since British Dominance)
What is not required to be President?
Military Experience
Who was the first Pres. naturally born in U.S.?
Van Buren
How long did Pres.after Clinton got S.S. benefits?
10 years.
Who was the longest serving chief justice?
John Marshall (34 years)
How many senators does it take to motion for cloture?
60 senators
What wast the 'Nuclear Option'?
Republican attempts to lower cloture from 60 to 51 senators.