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What is environmental law?
A technique of environmental engineering designed to control human and nonhuman objects, in order to preserve a stabel environmental system.
What is jurisprudence?
The philosophy of law, or the science which treats of the principles of positive law and legal relations
What is nuisance?
A form of tort or a legal injury one person inflicts upon another.
What are the three types of nuisances?
Intentional, negligent, and reckless
What is intentional nuisance?
It occurs when a person takes an action with full knowledge that it will harm the interests of a neighbor.
What is negligent nuisance?
It is caused by a defendant's action or inaction that harmed the plaintiff inadvertently.
What is reckless nuisance?
It is caused by the reckless use of property that endanges one's neighbors.
What is private nuisance?
It is created when a person's behavior affects only his or her immediate neighbors.
What is public nuisance?
An act or omission which obstructs or causes inconveniences or damage to the public in exercise of rights commone to all Her Majesty's subjects.