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Which pollution comes from a single source?
point-source pollution
How is non-point source pollution difficult to control?
It comes from many sources
What are DO levels?
level of dissolved oxygen in the water
How many steps are there in the sewage treatment plant?
at what level is water too acidic for aquatic life?
below 6.0
what is a sewage treatment plants?
a facility that cleans waste from the water
what are two systems for cleaning water?
sewage treatment plants, septic tanks
what percent of our water is used for industry?
what kind of pollution is caused by run off or fertilizers?
non-point source
what is any natural material that is used by humans called?
natural resource
is coal renewable or non renewable?
conserving resources means?
saving resources
what are two major renewable resources?
wood and water
earth provides everything needed for ?
what is a nonrenewable resource?
a resource that cannot be replaced at the same rate it is used
recycling is?
reusing materials from waste or scrap
recycling reduces?
the amount of resources needed from the earth
name three ways to conserve natural resources
dont waste, use only when needed, take care of resources, limit use of energy
how can primary pollutants get put intot he air? 1 example
human or natural activity
automobile exaust can cause what when it enters the air?
what type of air can keep smog close to the ground?
warm air
what is precipitation that contains acids from air pollution?
acid percipitation
what are scrubbers used for?
to remove pollutants before they enter the air
what are two short term affects of air pollution?
headache,nausea,irratated eyes nose and throat, coughing, worsen asthma
what are two long term affects?
emphysemia, lung cancer, lung damage, heart disease
when was the clean air act passed?
what does EPA stand for?
envirmental protection agency
what are manufacters trying to make cars run on instead of gasoline?
hydrogen, natural gas
what is a rapid change in a body of water called?
acid shock
what is ventilation?
mixing of indoor and outdoor air
what chemical was causing the ozone to break down into oxygen?
what years did scientists find a hole in the ozone?
what are the cars that use a combonation of gasoline and electric power called?
hybrid cars
what is an example of point source pollution?
leaking oil tanker, factory, waste water treatment plant
what was found along beaches in the 1980s?
bandages, vials of blood, syringes
how much med waste is pruduced yearly in the united states?
3 million tons
what is sludge?
solid part of raw sewage
what did some people do with sludge?
dump it into the ocean
how much money did the exxon oil company spend cleaning up an oil spill?
2 billion
what is a startegy used to preven oil spills?
using two hulls
what is adopt a beach?
a public beach clean up program
how much money does the USA spend to protect the ocean?
130 million
what is soil conservation?
trying to keep soil fertile
what is the region where an animal lives called?
it habitat
what is soil needed for? (one)
helps plants get moisture, also stores and controls water
overused soil becomes?
erosion is?
the process by which wind water and rain transports sediments
what is plowing to the slope called?
contour plowing
what is planting different crops to restre nutrients called?
cover crops
what is leaving old crops on the field called?
No till farming
what is a way to preven erosion on steep slopes?
who reccomened to plant soybeans and peanuts to return nutrients to the soil?
george washington carver
using different crops each is?
crop rotation