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What is Harold Lasswell's definition of politics?
The art of who gets what, when and how.
Where is the executive power rested?
The President
Pursuit of Happiness was changed from...
Right to Property
Define Politics
The process that determines what government does.
Describe the relationship between the NE per capita income and poverty level.
NE per capita income is higher when poverty is lower.
What is a civil liberty?
When the constitution keeps the government from doing anything.
What is a civil right?
When the government steps in to protect us.
What is devolution?
A transfer of powers and responsibilites from the federal to the state government.
The power to coin money belongs to the...
Federal Government
What is a prior restraint?
Stopping speech before it starts.
What is the one branch of government that can make treaties with other nations?
The President
Bush made this choice after 911.
Federalized security screeners in airports.
What resolves disputes without violence?
Which gave the government more power, the Constitution or Articles of Confederation?
What ideology category do most Americans fall into?
Can states ratify amendments to the constitution?
What was King George critisized for in the Declaration of Independence?
Describe Layer Cake, Marble Cake and Picket Fence Federalism
Layer-- One layer of power, federal gov't, one layer state gov't
Marble-- All a mixture of federal and state gov't power.
Picket Fence-- Top layer of horizontal fence, federal gov't, next piece is state gov't, each posts stands for a different issue.
What does the curvy graph represent?
It shows that Americans are becoming more extreme when is comes to parties and afflications. Conflict has changed in America.
Why do people accept government decisions they may not agree with?
Because we democratically choose our leaders.
What amendment spells out the right to privacy?
No amendment does that.
What is actual malice?
When someone knows something was false, but they reported it true anyway (to be guilty of actual malice)
Full Faith and Credit Clause
The law the says that states have to respect other states laws... EX a gay couple could be married in Iowa but if they move to Nebraska, it is not recognized as a legal marriage.
What is Pluralism?
The idea that having a variety of parties and interest within a government will strenghten the system, making sure that no group has total control.
What is the economic system of the US best described as?
Regulated Capitalism
What did Obama praise during his speech in class?
Republican views and core values on healthcare.
James Madison's view of the public was...
What is slander?
The oral defamation of character
What is suspect classification?
Strict scrutiny when reviewing the law
What is the 5th amendment?
Rights against being tried twice for the same crime, no person can be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process "plead the 5th", can wait until you are in court.
What is the 3rd amendment?
Protects people from being forced to have troops in their home.
What does the 8th amendment forbid?
Accesive bail
What is the 4th amendment?
Protection from unreasonable search and seizure.
What are democrats views on torture of terrorists?
They prefer that suspected terrorists not be tortured.
Separation of checks and balances says what about ambiton?
Ambition must counter ambition.