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Antitrust Legislation
-federal laws (starting with the Sherman Act of 1890) that try to prevent a monopoly from dominating an industry and restraining trade.
-a meeting of local party members to choose party officials or candidates for public office and to decide the platform
-belief in the superiority of one's nation or ethnic group
-an economic system characterized by private property, competitive markets, economic incentives, and limited government involvement in the production and pricing of goods and services.
Manifest Destiny
-a notion held by 19th century Americans that the US was destined to rule the continent from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
-a social division based on national origin, religion, language, and often race
Political culture
-the widely shared beliefs, values, and norms concerning the relationship of citizens to government and to one another.
-the dispensing of government jobs to persons who belong to the winning political party.
Party convention
- a meeting og party delegates to vote on matters of policy and in some cases to select party candidates for public office.
Direct primary
-election in which voters choose party nominees.
Party identification
- an informal and subjective affiliation with a political party that most people acquire in childhood.
-weakening of partisan preferences that points to a rejection of both major parties and a rise in the number of independents.
Political Action Committee (PAC)
-the political arm of an interest group that is legally entitled to raise funds on a voluntary basis from members, stockholders, or employees in order to contribute funds to favored candidates or political parties.
Federal Register
-official document, published every weekday that lists the new and proposed regulations of executive departments and regulatory agencies.
Political Party
-an organization that seeks political power by electing people to office so that its positions and philosophy become public policy.