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You need to vote because________
Others will, and you may not like the government they build
Early American settlers were a mix of ______
Anglo-Protestants, Catholics from Francs and Spain, and Catholic and Protestant Germans
What country is the largest contributor of immigrants today?
What is "Political Culture?"
Shared body of values and beliefs that influences our political behavior
Why is self-identification as a mixed race person a problem for some groups?
Those who self-identify as mixed may not be counted in a particular minority group, which may reduce resources provided by the government
How is political culture spread?
through schools, the media, and by living in our own political process
What are the five core values of American Democracy?
Individual liberty
Political equality
Majority rule
Minority rights
Economic rights
What is Pluralism?
Theory that even though many people don't vote, they are members of groups which are represented by others in government
What is Elitism?
Theory that the rich and well-connected really run the government
What is Hyperpluralism?
Theory that when you have so many interest groups, they block each other and don't get anything done
Politics is _____________
a means through which individual and group interests compete to shape the government's impact on society's problems and goals; art of governing
Identity politics is _________
Practice of organizing on basis of one's ehnic or racial identity, sex, or sexual orientation to compete for public resources and to influence political policy
Popular sovereignty is ___________
Rule by the people
Democracy is ______
rule by the people
Direct democracy is ____________
system in which everyone votes on most issues
Indirect democracy is ____________
system in which citizens elect representatives to vote in their name
A republic form of government is ______________
another name for indirect democracy
Classical democracy
system of government that emphasizes individual citizen participation in learning about and participating in the government
Idea that our political system is the best in the world and others should adopt it
Six elements of the liberal tradition?
Challengers to the liberal tradition claim that ____________
we really don't follow the liberal ideas, but have a history of inegalitarian traditions
Supporters of the liberal tradition claim that ____________ when challenged by others
we may have had inegalitarian practices in the past, but they are temporary and we are always working toward the liberal ideal
Those who support "multiple traditions" for our government policies claim that ________
we have a mix of liberal idealistic traditions mixed with inegalitarian traditions