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portion of the constitution that makes laws
legislative (congress)
portion of constitution that executes (enforces the law
executive (presidency)
Portion of the constitution that interprets/clarifys the law
judicial (courts)
Power of the courts to interpret the constitution and detertime if it has been violated
judicial review
the constitutional division of authority between a central government and regional governments. its another way to divide power.
4 things that are in the changing face of america.
the aging of america, the growing population, ethnic change, other trends
Dissenting ideologies in america
socialism, marxism, communism, fascism, religous fundalmentalism
Article one
the legislative branch
Article two
the executive brance
article three
the judicial branch
article four
federal/state regulation
article five
the amendment process
article six
constitutional supremacy
article seven
the ratification process
how many amendments are there