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1. All definitions of politics try to explain how human beings regulate
d. conflict within their society.
2. A form of government in which every aspect of political, social, and economic life is controlled by the government is called
c. a totalitarian regime.
3. Teledemocracy would most closely fit which of the following?
a. direct democracy
4. The Athenian model of government was considered
a. the purest model for direct democracy.
5. Initiative is a procedure by which voters can
c. propose a law or constitutional amendment.
6. The U.S. Constitution creates a form of republican government known as a
c. democratic republic.
7. A central feature to the American governmental system is
d. equality of every individual before the law.
8. To ensure that majority rule does not become oppressive, modern democracies
a. provide guarantees of minority rights.
9. The U.S. Constitution
d. sets forth the fundamental structure of the government and the limits to its power.
10. According to the elite perspective, the government should be run by the smartest people because
a. they will make the best decisions.
11. Pluralist theory believes that decisions are made in American politics by
d. the competition between groups trying to gain benefits for their members.
12. The pattern of political beliefs and values characteristic of a community or population is referred to as
c. political culture.
13. The process by which Americans come to accept a single set of values concerning the political system is called
c. political socialization.
14. Democracy, liberty, equality, and property are
c. concepts that lie at the core of American political culture.
15. The ideology that believes the government should exercise the least power is
16. Communism and fascism are examples of which ideology?
e. totalitarianism
17. The number of Americans who will be 65 years and older in 2025 is estimated to be
c. 18% of the population.
18. The largest Hispanic group within the United States is
c. Mexican Americans.
19. In 2004 the greatest percentage of immigrants came to the U.S. from
e. Mexico
20. One of the most important trends in the labor force according to the 2000 census was
c. the increase in the number of women in the workforce.