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Plessy v. Ferguson
1896: Approved De Jure racial segregation in public facilities
-Plessy argued 13th ammendment violation but brown upheld decision
Gonzales v. Raich
Controlled Substances/ Medical Marijuana---Fed. Gvmt used commerce clause to overrule California's legality of Medical Marijuana and seize Raich's Bud
Regents of the U of California v. Bakke
1978: Bakke had higher GPA than minorities but was rejected from med. school due to minority qouta... Court upheld UC's decision
Seperate But Equal
Used during Brown v. Board of Education: Blacks get same services but have seperate and often substandard facilites.
US v. Lopez
Lopez brought a gun & ammo to High School and Court ruled that Commerce Clause did not pertain and therefore Lopez was not charged with a Federal Offense
US v. Morrison
VA Tech football player charged with rape but was not convicted of Federal Offense (Commerce Clause and 14th ammend did not pertain)
Patriot Act
Enhanced Surveilance Privilages: Allows quicker warrants, Rovind Wiretap and Secret Searches of a residence w/o knowlege of person residing.
Washington Consensus
Formula for promoting economic growth in Latin America & other parts of the word. Designed to model 3rd World economies after 1st world econmoies like USA
Wickard v. Filburn
1942: During New Deal Era Filburn produced more wheat then gvmt would allow (said it was for his personal use not for sale)--- Congress used Commerce Clause to say that private supply inhibited him from buying wheat and hurt market.
Anti-Ballistic Missiles
(ABMs): Star War Defense---Destroys bombs/warheads before they reach their intended target (*not consistant w/ system of deterrence)