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What are the powers of the national government called under the Constitution?
S.O.P. ( Seperation of Power)
What is the basis for a national system of civil rights in America?
Free Slaves
Why is McCullough v. Maryland considered a landmark decision?
Federal banks vs. State 1819 - State want tax Feds.
What kind of elite system does California have?
Plural Elites
Know the difference between the 'new' and 'old' community elite systems.
Old - Community Elite System - Jacksonian. advantages- accountable to voters, consisttuent interests, more racial & ethnic groups rep, immigrant assistance in cities.
New- Professive Model - move gov't more efficient & less corrupt. Reduce power of plitical parties - add direct democracy - Relied on experts not politicians. Old people to vote on slaight party tickets, New-Non particion elections.
What is the rold of local government under state consitutions?
With the initiative process citizens & interest groups can use direct democracy and do not have to rely on the representatice democracy of legislatures.
What are the different frameworks by which cities govern and exercise power?
Unreformed (Jaconsonian) Model & Reformed (Progressive) Model.
What do D/Z consider the sources of power in the United States? What do pluralists say? What is the role of politicians int he political process?
D/Z power is everywhere, business is prodominant role is society. Economic forces control politions. Plurlists- Institutional power is primarlly in publics hands to transfer to gov't.
Elite power is the individuals, comes from the larg companies and institutions. Politics represent the values.
How has globalization affected Americqan corporate elites according to D/Z?
Globalization affected American Corperates elictes because now elites can move economic resourses & thus shape the economic policies of naitonal gov't.
How is economic power seen by pluralists?
Plurlists- Econonim power is Institutional power- primarly in publics hands to transfer to gov't.
What is the political philosophy of liberal elites?
Political Philosophy of liberal elites - gov't. offical who is well being of the people in mind. Their Philosophy is they can change peoples lives and have the responsibility to take the well being of the poor.
Who are the most represented social groups among elits running American instituions?
Some of the most repressented social groups amoung american elites are federal government executives and political decision makers.
How is corporate authority now exercised int he U.S.? How has this changed over time?
Corporate power (Elites) decide what will be produced, how it will be produced, how much it iwll cost, how manypeople will be employed, who will be employed and what their wages will be. They decide how goods and services will be distributed, how much money will be avaible of loans, what interest rates will be charged and what new tchnologies will be developed.
What does the elite model say about how and why politicians act?
he says " patriotism, certainaly, does not run very high in their heirarchy of virtues. " Multicultrailism", on the otherhand, suits them to perfection, conjuring up the agreeable images of the global bazaar"...
What are the implications of noblesse oblige for politics?
Noblesse Oblige - everyone in power has a-duity-owes the county the best job they can do - ending discrimitation leeds to opportunity.
What elite groups ar emost recruited to work in corporations and government?
They recruited from well-educated, prestigio employed, older, effluen, urban, white, anglo-saxan, upper - and upper-middle-class male population.
How can elites best protect democracy from mass dissatisfaction?
By setting the agenda for decision making deciding which issues and conditates will be given attention and which will be ignored. - Research is shown that issues that reiceve more attention in the mass media are most likely to be viewed by voters as important.
Who are most likely to defend democratic values? What is the role of counterelites in this?
Elites defend democratic values, conter elites are there for when the economy is going bad. Counterelites are there to help when times get tough. Ex. Depression
Who supports a liberal immigration policy? Who is opposed?
Democrates suppoer liberal imigration - Republicians oppos it.
How does education affect one's willingness to tolerate those who are different?
The more educated you are, the more tolerant you are on those who have opposiving views to your own.
What are the pluses and minuese of globalization in recent decades?
Plus of globalization - more economic growth - world wide.
Minues-less product made in U/s/ it is cheaper outside of the country less money for U/S/ when product is made outside the country.