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The process by which most party primaries and caucuses are held early in the nomination schedule so that the majority of the delegate support is locked up early.
Splite Ticket Balloting
Ballots on which people vote for candidates from more than one party.
Revolution of 1800
The first election in the world in which one part (the Federalist part of John Adams) willingly gave up power because of a lost election to another party (the Republican party of Thomas Jefferson) without bloodshed.
Retrospective Voting
A particularly powerful form of issue voting in which voters look back over the last term or two to judge how well and incumbend or the "in party" has performed in office.
Single-member District
Districts in which a seat goes to the candidate with the most votes. In this system, small parties, say one that wins 10 percent in every district across the nation, do not get a single seat in the legislature.
Exit Polls
Polls that question voters as the leave the voting booth to predict the outcome of an election.
Generational Effect
Socialization patterns in which a generation of adults who grew up during a certain decade or period appears to have its own outlook, differentiation itself from the previous age.
Independent Expenditures
Loophole in the campaign finance law involving no limits to funds that are dispersed independently by a group or person in the name of a cause and not coordinated by a candidate.