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What is age-cohort tendency?
The tendency for a significant break in the pattern of political socialization to occur among younger citizens, usually as the result of a major event or development that disrupts pre-existing beliefs.
What is agents of socialization?
Those agents, such as the family and the media, that have significant impact on citizens' political socialization.
Who are conservatives?
Those who believe government does too many things that should be left to firms and individuals but look to government to uphold traditional social values.
What is ideology?
A consisten pattern of opinion on particular issues that stems from a core belief or set of beliefs.
Who are liberals?
Those who believe government should do more to solve the nation's problems but reject the notion that government should favor a particular set of social values.
Who are libertarians?
Those who believe government tries to do too many things that should be left to firms and individuals and who oppose government as an instrument of traditional values.
What is party idenification?
The personal sense of loyalty that an individual may feel toward a particular political party.
What is political socialization?
The learning process by which people acquire teir political opinions, beliefs and values.
What is population?
In a public opinion poll, the people whose opinions are being estimated through interiewers with a sample of these people.
What are populists?
Tose who believe government should do more to sole the nation's problems and who look to it to uphold traditional values.
What is probability sample?
A sample for a poll in which each individual in the population has a known probability of being selected randomly for inclusion in the sample.
What is public opinion?
The politically relevant opinions held by ordinary citizens that they express openly.
What is public opinion poll?
A deice for measuring public opinion whereby relatviely small number of individuals (the smaple) is interviewed for the purposee of estimating the opinions of a whole community (the population).
What is sample?
In a public opinion poll, the relatively small number of individuals interviewed for the purpose of estimating the opinion of an entire population.
What is sampling error?
A measure of the accuracy of a public opinion poll.