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What are air wars?
A term that refers to the fact that modern campaigns are often a battle of opposing telelvised advertisign campaigns.
What is cadidate-centered politics?
Election campaigns and other political processes in which candidates, not political parties, have most of the initiative and inflluence.
What is grassroots party?
A political party organized at the level of the voters and dependent on their support for its strength.
What is hand money?
Campaign funds given directly to candidates to spend as they choose.
What is hired guns?
The professional consultants who run campaigns for high office.
What is money chase?
A term used to describe the fact that U.S. campaigns are very expensive and that candidates must spend a great amunt of time raising funds in order to compete successfully.
What is multiparty system?
A system in which three or more political parties have the capacity to gsin control of government separately or in coalition.
What is nomination?
The designation of a particular individual to run as a political party's candidate (its nominee) in the general election.
What is packaging (of a cadidate)?
A term of modern campaigning that refers to the process of recasting a cadidate's records into as appealing image.
What is party-centered politics?
Electoin campaigns and other political processes in which political parties, not individual candidates, hold most of the initiative and influence.
What is party coalition?
The groups and interests that supprt a political party.
What is party competition?
A process in which conflict over society's goals is tranformed by political parties into electoral competition in which the winer gains the power to govern.
What is party organizations?
The party organizational units at national, state, and local levels.
What is party realignment?
An election or set of elections in which the electorate responds strongly to an extraordinarily powerful issue that has disrupted the established political order.
What is a political party?
An ongoing coalition of interests joined together to try to get their candidates for public office elected under a common label.
What is proportional representation?
A form of representation in which seats in the legislature are allocated proportionally according to each political party's share of the popular vote/
What is service relationship?
The situation in which party organizaations assist candidates for office but have no power to require them to accept or campaign on the party's main policy positions.
What are single-member districts?
The form of representation in which only the candidate who gets the most votes in a district wins office.
What is soft money?
Campaign contributions that are not subject to legal limits and are given to parites rather than directly to candidates.
What is split ticket?
The pattern of voting in which the individual voter in a given election casts a ballot for one or more cnaidates of each major party.
What is a two-party system?
A system in which only tw political parties have a real chance of acquiring control of the government.