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What type of political party system does the United States have?
Two Party System
Percentage of votes party wins is proportional to the number of seats the party wins in legislative bodies.
Proportional Representation
Term used to describe everyone who is considered to be an eligable voter.
Voting Age Population
This asct created the bureaucracy from the spoils system in 1883.
Civil Service Reform Act
This act gives bureaucrats the authority to report instances of mismanagment/abuse without fear of being fired/demoted.
Whistle Blower Act
Power equals money, aim is to either incress your budget or at least prevent budget cuts.
Acquisitive model
Every memeber of the population must have an equal chance of appearing in the sample.
Random Sample
Polls that question voters as they leave the voting booth to predict of an election.
Exit Poll
The average american in their political views.
The oldest political party in the United States
The Democratic Party
An election where all other parties are excluded.
Closed Primary
A cacus is to what type of primary.
What type of primary does CA use.
Modified Closed
Political party system where one party exsists and all others are illegal.
One Party
In March 2004 California held an election to choose canidates for the general election, what type of election was held.
Primary Election