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who formed the democratic party?
jackson's supporters, led by martin van buren and john calhoun
what caused the democratic party to be formed?
jackson's followers were angry about his loss in 1824, so they nominated him again (opposors supported adams..national republican party)
what did the democrats support throghout the mid and late 1800's (1)
states rights
what did the democrats oppose throughout the mid and late 1800's (3)
political domination by the elite, federal funding for internal improvements, and extensions of the governments power
what caused the democratic party's major transformation ?
FDR's new deal in the cost democrats support of the white south, but won farmers, women, and blacks
why did the republican party form
opposition to the dominant federalists during washingtons presidency
what did the republicans aim to limit
the power of the central govt in favor of states rights and indicidual liberty
republican dominance ?
began with jefferson and ended with jackson (1800-1828)
who dominated the politics dring the civil war
republicans (1860s?)
Fdrs new deal...
cause black voters to go to democrats
anti federalists felt...
constitution compromised goals of revolution and gave too much power to central govrt
defended constitution, wanted strong central govt
jefferson elected...transition to federalist president to republican president
jacksonian democracy
jacksonian democrats favored state economic power
opposed jackson
cival war.
n. democrats divided into war democrats, peace democrats, copperheads(disloyal to union)
gilded age
political machines
populist party origins
traced to farmer's difficlties: pricing of railroads, deflation, debt
populist goals (8)
increase $ supply, eliminate gold standard, back money with silver and gold, graduated income tax, direct election of senators, 8 hr workday, immigration restrictions, nationalized bank and railroad
end of populist party
william jennings bryan lost in 1896
progressive party (other name)
bullmoose party ..TR
why was progressive party founded
bitter fight for repuublican nomination (Tr, taft, la follette)
progressive platform W TR
tarriff reform, stricter indstrial regulations, womens sufferagem end child labor
did TR win with the progressives