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Compared to the past, political parties are
relatively weak
where a candidate derives party identification
Two other ways to guage the strength of a party:
A)the strength of the organization that recruits and campaigns for candidates
B) the election of leaders who can dominate one or all of the branches of gov't
In most of our states, candidates are chosen through
primary elections
In our political culture, the average citizen's involvement in the parties tends to be limited to
the act of voting only
Who opposed political parties?
George Washington
Wilsons says this was...
over concern that disputes over policies and elections could be too closely tied to questions of the legitimacy of the gov't itself
In the earliest period of our political history, the parties were small coalitions based...
more on georgraphy and class rather than other interests
According to Wilson, the parties developed their organizational form and appeal from the time of the
Civil War until the 1930s
The movement led by _________ ____________ marks the first time a political party was organized from the bottom up, with party conventions playing a role.
Andrew Jackson
The modern _________ party emerged on the heels of the _____ ___.
Civil War
The Progressive movement developed as a reform within the __________ _____.
Republican Party
The progressives opposed the _________ ______, and feared the influx of __________ who would simply be drawn into the political machines.
patronage system
The Progressives favored:
A) civil service reform
B) strict voter registration requirements
C) non-partisan elections
Although the Progressive movement did reduce the level of _________ __________, it never solved the problem of how to ______ __________.
political corruption
select candidates
In recent years, the Republican National Committee has outperformed its Democratice counterpart in several ways:
A) participation by party officeholders
B) help given to party candidates
C) money solicited from small contributors
The _________, for their part, have been better at incorporating diverse factions into their party
The _________ ___________ manages the day-to-day work of each political party
national chairsperson
In the 1960s and 70s, the Republicans became more ______________ , the Democrats more _____________
____ _____ is money given to a party rather than to a candidate
Soft Money
The rules of delegate allocation have resulted in a more ___________ _________ party and a more _______ _________ party.
conservative Republican
liberal Democratic
Democratic reformers in the 1970s sought to ______ the hold of the party leaders and ____________ the role of the ____ and ____
rank and file
While the Republicans made their goal the _________ of their ___________, the Democrats were focusing on achieving a fairer distribution of _____ within the party.
election, candidates
The rules changes in the Democratic party in 1972 were drafter by a commission led by _______ _________.
George McGovern
This effort was eventually countered by the ____ _________, within the Democratic party, which designed rule changes to...
Hunt Commission
increase the influence of party leaders
elected officals and party leaders who are not required to pledge themselves in advance to a presidential candidate
The rules creating a role for superdelegates benefited _____ _______ in the 1984 Democratic campaign
Walter Mondale
The DNC penalized states that violated the rules with a __% loss of their national delegates
The three areas of rules changes approved by the DNC in 1992 were:
A) a rules violation penalty
B)winner-reward systems
C) proportional representation
Party machines are characterized by a
high degree of leadership control over the acivities of their members
the _______ _______ is the supreme expression of the value of organization to a political party
political machine
The ________ _______ _____ _____ was developed and perfected in the 19th century before the large-scale Irish and Italian immigrations began coming in.
classical machine-type party
these old-style political machines counted heavily on the support of _____ ________
civil servants
Three factors brought the old machines to an end:
A) the Hatch Act of 1939
B) Gov't welfare programs
C) competitive-bidding laws
Ideological parties, unlike the machine variety, tend to be
Ideological groups, or reform clubs,of the 50s and 60s, gave rise to
ideolocial parties composed of single issue activists
Ideological parties tend to value _______ above all else and they tend to be ____________
The __________ ___________ is a faction within the Republican Party which is conservative and pro-life
Christian Coalition