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Governor of NH
John Lynch
Term of Office for Governor of NH
2 years-- this is shortest term for a governor
President of the United States
George W. Bush
Term of Office for the US President
4 years
Home state of the current President
Vice-President of the United States
Dick Cheney
Home state of the current US Vice President
Term of Office of US Vice President
4 years
Senior Senator from NH in the US Senate

Total 100-- 2 from each state
Judd Gregg ( who is a former Governor of NH)
Term of office for the US Senate
6 years (longest term!)
Junior Senator from NH in the US Senate
John Sununu
Members of the US House of Representative from NH-- What is the NH District 1 Rep's Name?
there are 435 reps total--is based on population)
Carol Shea Porter
Members of the US House of Representative from NH What is the District 2 Rep's Name?
Paul Hodes
Term of Office for US House of Representatives
2 years
The one and only US President from NH
Franklin Pierce
University of Maryland's Mascot
Terrapins (called Terps)
(a turtle)