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A gerontocracy is :
a government by elders
what did Max Weber do?
he defined government as that institution in society that has a monopoly over the legitimate use of force
Define Civil Disobedience
the nonviolent violation of the laws that people believe to be unjust
The seventeenth century English political philosopher who described life without government as "a condition which is called war; and such a war, as is of every man against every man was....
Thomas Hobbes
A governing system in which people or a large segment of the people govern themselves is ....
The principle developed during the 1600s and 1700s that government power over the individual is limited, that there are some personal liberties that even a majority cannot regulate, and that government itself is restrained by law is a ....
Liberalism or classical liberalism
Since the 1600s...
Constitutions written or unwritten have been the principle means by which governmental powers over the individual are limited
The closest approximation to direct democracy in the United States is...
The new England town hall meeting or voting on constitutional amendments in Texas
A governing system in which every person participates actively in every public decision, rather than delegating decision making to representatives, is a ...
direct democracy
The governing system in which public decision making is delegated to representatives of the people chosen by popular vote in free, open, and periodic elections is a
representative democracy
the theory that governmental policies are adopted through competition among multiple organized groups is called...
Classical liberalism as a political idea is closely related to....
Capitalism as an economic idea in that both argue for the same limited role for government in society
The 1960-2004 belief in the value of capitalism, limited government, and individual self-reliance in economic affairs, combined with a belief in the value of tradition, law and morality in social affairs is known as
Modern conservatism
In 1960-2004 belief in a strong government to provide economic security and protection for civil rights and the environment with belief in freedom from government intervention in social conduct is known as...
Modern liberalism
From what city did Martin Luther King write his famous letter advocating non-violent civil disobedience....
The author of "das capital" and "the Communist manifesto" was...
Karl Marx
Harold Lasswell defines "politics" as
The struggle over "who get what, when, and how"
An initiative is....
A vote on a proposed law placed on the ballot by a citizen petition
Define Elitism
the influence of a single group over the political process and the adoption of government politices
Define Autocracy
Government by a single individual
Oligarchy is government by...
a small group
A theocracy is a government by....
religious elders
governments are free from legal limits and seek to eliminate those organized social groups that might challenge or limit the government's authority
Governments are kept in check by other political and social institutions that the government is unable to control but must come to terms with.
Before man created government he was believed to have lived in a....
state of nature, in which there was absolute freedom
Ayn rand lashes out against communism and the collective in her novel....
the fountainhead
John locke argued
man was created by god with certain inalienable rights
adam smith
wrote the Wealth of nations which argued for a limited role for the government in economic matters
is the author of the prince, which is a how to guide for those who govern or lead
Who was the author of the leviathan
Thomas Hobbes
wrote on the spirit of the laws, which advocated the separation of powers
Sir WIlliam blackstone wrote
Commentaries on the laws of england, which established the legal foundation for colonial actions culminating in the declaration of independence
Alexander Hamilton and James Madison co-authored a series of essays titled...
The Federalists papers, which supported ratification of the US Constitution
The____ of the 1780s and 90s believed that powerful and active government was necessary to promote commerce, prevent political strife and protect the country's international interest.
The ______ of the 1780-90s believed that a strong national government would have the power to oppress its citizens and therefore favored strong state governments.
Contemporary ____ advocate the need for a powerful and active national government to protect the poor, the environment, and the elderly.
Contemporary __ argue that many national programs should be eliminated or power over them returned to the states.
In the early 1960s....
75% of Americans expressed trust in government but by 1994 25 % of American expressed trust in government
The Decline in trust in the American government is a product of all the following except:
an increase in a sense of political efficacy
Which of the following is not a potential impact of the declining trust in government?
may lead to increase voter turnout in the presidential election
A _ election is an attempt to remove a public official from office before the completion of the term (i.e) the attempt in California to remove gov. davis
Texas political culture stresses which of the following values:
Individualism and conservatism
Public land ( and the minerals under that land) in Texas is owned by
the state of Texas
The most politically/ideologically conservative region of Texas is the
German Hill country
Which region of Texas is most like the old south in terms of political culture
East Texas
Hispanics now make up __percent of the population of Texas
The African American population in Texas is concentrated in _ Texas
East and southeast Texas
The population of Texas in 2000 was approximately ___ million, which was an increase from the 1996 population of approximately _____ million
Robert Fimer in --- believed that the first kings were the fathers of their families
The ____established what we now think of as the "constitutional monarchy"
Magna Carta
Which of the following authors supported the principle of absolutism
Thomas Hobbes
Aristotle is the author of
Which of the following is credited with advocating states rights, nullification, and secession
John c Calhoun
George orwell's novel ___ depicts a totalitarian state ruled by big brother and through the police
William Golding's novel ___ depicts a group of boys whose plane crashes on a deserted island (state of nature)
Lord of the Flies
Hannah Arendt's coverage of the trial of ___gives us the term "banality of evil"
Adolf Eichmann
John Rawl's contributed significantly to liberal political philosophy with his
A theory of Justice
In which experiment did the government fail to treat sharecroppers diagnosed with "bad blood"
The tuskegeee experiments
which of the following is listed as an example of a theocracy?
Tibet in Exile
Which of the following is not listed as an example of a Kleptocracy
Cuba under castro
A ___ is a law that is proposed by a legislative body that does not go into effect unless a majority of voters approve it.
____was a contratual system of political and military relationships existing among members of the nobility in western Europe during the high middle ages essentially a pyramid scheme between the king and the lords in which land and military support were exchanged
Gandhi utilized ___ in resisting and ultimately overthrowing British colonial power in India
Civil Disobedience