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a government with supreme power vested in the people and exercised by them (direct democracy through such things as referendums) or their elected agents (indirect democracy). Rule by the people.
group of independent states that form a central government that is very limited in power. In a confederal system, each state is ultimately given all powers to run their own state, and the central government is very weak.
characterized by a form of government in which power is held by one central authority. A unitary system of government gives control of the government to one central government, and that central government has all of the power. The central government can regulate certain powers to local governments if they deem it necessary. In this form of government, central government makes all basic decisions. other governments see that these decisions are carried out.
is a combination of the unitary system and the confederal system. In a federal system of government, powers are divided among the central federal government and the state/regional governments. The powers given to these governments are usually listed in a written constitution. In other words, the central government shares power with other levels of government.
one person or a small group has complete authority to make and cdarry out laws
a government set up by a group of people in a foreign territory subject to the parent state
gov't free from external control
a totalitarian political system with the goals of the nation more important than individual goals
having or consisting of a single legislative chamber
having/based on two legislative chambers
The New Jersey Plan
called for only one house of congress; each state would have an equal number of representatives in congress
system in which people as a whole, and not individuals, control and own all property. Gov't owns most large businesses, individuals own smaller ones
virginia plan
federal gov't divided into 3 branches of gov't: executive, legislative, and judicial.
connecticut compromise
congress consists of 2 houses: senate and house of representatives
house of reps elected based on population
senate elected based of equal representation
3/5 Compromise
slaves count as 3/5 of a person for representation to the house of representatives