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The word 'police' comes from the Latin word "politia" which meant what?
Civil Administration
The first specialized unit in Rome was called "questors" which meant what?
Trackers of Murder
The members of the military appointed by Roman Emperor Augustus to protect the palace and the Emperor as what?
Praetorian Guard
The lowest form of social organization or mutual pledge created by King Alfred the Great in England was known as what?
Who formed the Bow Street Runners?
Henry Fielding
Who formed London's first Horse Patrol?
Henry Fielding
In 1829 London's first, large scale, uniformed civil police department was created by what man?
Sir Robert Peel
In 1838 America's first police department was created in what city?
The city in which a "civil war" started between the city's two separate police departments in 1857?
New York City
What were some of the duties of America's 19th century police departments?
Cleaning streets
Inspecting boilers
Caring for the poor and homeless
Operating emergency ambulances
Other Social Services
The major criteria for appointing and promoting police officers in the 18th and 19th century was what?
The first city to form a detective division was?
The first State police agency was?
Texas Rangers
The law which established National Prohibition in 1920 was known as?
Volstead Act
The director of the FBI from 1924 to his death in 1972 was who?
John Edgar Hoover