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Louis XI
doubled size of france, built huge army
Louis XIII
gave nobles less power
The Fronde
When the nobles revolted
French Revolution. Why Happen?
helping US out $, new thinkers and ideas
no church in politics
Religion and voting
could tell what ppl voted by their religion.
Gender Parity Laws
had to have = # men and women on ballots
presidential vs. parliamentary
parliament- exec and leg. branch are together
semi-presidential system
president and Premier
*pres ahs to get absolute majority
*premire chooses cabinent
one side gets the good the other side gets the bad
2 houses, 9 yr terms, electoral college system
legistlative branch
very limited power. pres powers take down leg. directly
3 main parties
UDF, neo gaullests, socialists
3 small parties
comunists, national front, greenists
French electoral system. President
First past the post system. effects. small parties dont do well
constitutional council
answers questions
constitutional council laws
ordinary laws, organic laws, ammendments, regulations,
effects of constitutional council
favors exec branch at the expense of the national assembly