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The major growth in the scope and powers of the national government relative to the states are associated with...
President Roosevelt's New Deal Program and President Lyndon Johnson's Great Society Program
The majority of the United States government powers are found in Article ____, Section____ of the Constitution
In 1995, the Supreme Court imposed new limits on Congress' ability to use the commerce clause to intervene in state and local affairs in...
U.S. v. Lopez
Dillon's Rule means...
that local governments only enjoy those powers granted to them by the states
Although the Anti-Federalists lost their battle against ratification of the Constitution...
they obtained a major political victory by obtaining the promise that a bill of rights would be incorporated into the Constitution
An important way in which state constitutions such as the MO Constitution, differ from the US Constitution, is that the MO Constitution contains a ______, while the US Constitution does not
local government article
The "necessary and proper" clause....
extends the powers of Congress beyond those specifically listed in Article 1
The presidency is created in Article ___ of the Constitution
The US Constitution contains ___ articles
A system in which goverenment is formed by a few leaders chosen by birth is known as a(n)....
At the Annapolis Convention...
all of the above: Madison and others met to discuss problems with the Articles of Confederation AND Delegates were unable to propose major constitutional changes AND Only 5 states met to discuss constitutional reform
Americans strongly support...
equality of oppurtunity
James Madison argues in Federalist No 10 that...
tyranny of the majority is the principal problem faced in popular government, and this problem can be minimized by in a large republic
Which of the following were the foundations for what Madison called "the permanent and aggregate interests of the community" (i.e. the Public Good)
Religiosity and Education
Shay's Rebellion was...
an uprising in Massachusetts which highlighted some of the problems with the Articles of Confederation
Which of the following is a value of Classical Liberalism?
individual liberties should be protected
Two passages in Article I of the Constitution that grant large powers to the national government are the...
necessary and proper clause and interstate commerce clauses
Among the primary responsibilities of the state and local government are...
educational expenses
Which of the following are correct statements about the MO Constitution?
It is longer than the US Constitution AND It contains a Bill of Rights
A proposed law or amendment placed on the ballot by citizen petition is called a(n)...
How are amendments to the US Constitution proposed?
2/3 of both houses of Congress must vote to propose an amendment AND 2/3 of the state legislatures must ask Congress to call a convention to propose an amendment
The current population of the US is approximately...
300 million
The Bill of Rights is...
a series of ten amendments to the Constitution
Franklin Roosevelt's court packing plan...
all of these are correct: legal under the Constitution AND resulted in subsequent court approval of several New Deal programs AND illustrated that the Supreme Court is susceptible to political pressure
The Conneticut Compromise created...
an upper house with equal representation for the states AND a lower house with representation by population
Which of the following individual rights and protections are found in Article I of the Constitution?
All of these: protection from bills of attainder AND the right of habeas corpus AND protection from ex post facto laws
Federalism is...
a system of government in which political power is shared between different levels of government such as the national and state government
The major interstate relations and federalism provisions of the Constitution are found in Articles ____ and ____
How are proposed amendments to the US Constitution ratified?
3/4 of the state legislatures must approve it AND ratifying conventions in 3/4 of the states approve it
The Doctrine of National Supremacy was established by John Marshall and the US Supreme Court in which of the following cases?
McCulloch v. Maryland (1819)
Classical Liberal thinkers generally advanced theories of...
limited government
As a general statement the Republicans have preferred to give money to the states in the form of...
block grants
The political ideology of the Founders was...
Classical Liberalism
Which of the following were important in shaping the Founding era understanding of politics
all of these: Natural Law/Natural Rights AND Religion AND Science
A democracy is a system in which
power is shared by all citizens
Under the Virginia Plan,
representation would be by population
Which of the following best summarizes Brutus' argument in Antifederalist No.1?
Republican government cannot succeed in such a large country
Approximately what percentage of the US population is foreign born?
One of the most famous and controversial categorical grant proposals was...
The War on Poverty
REPUBLICAN government is best understood as...
a system of government in which elected representatives make political decisions
The Articles of Confederation,
established a very weak central government
Many observers have commented on a common core of beliefs and values among Americans. They generally describe this common core as...
individualist and (classical) conservative
The doctrine of STATE SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY is based on the ___ amendment of the Constitution
the process of returning powers to state and local governments
The Federalist Papers are...
Essays written by John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison to influence the debates surrounding the ratification of the Constitution AND essays the articulate the Framer's political philosophy and the logic underlying the Constitution
The Constiution was drafted in Philadelphia in the year...
Which of the following clauses served as the Constitutional basis for many New Deal regulatory programs?
Interstate Commerce
The current debate over immigration is...
similiar to many of the historical debates over immigration
Which of the following Constitutional clauses greatly increased the power of the national government in the 20th century?
The Commerce Clause in Article I, Section 8
The Judiciary is created in Article ___ of the US Constitution.